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Thibaud doubts endurance

Thibaud DOUTRE

Thibaud doubts endurance

Presentation of the pilot THIBAUD DOUTRE

Thibaud DOUTRE has been in Endurance and Promosport since he was 17 years, he started in races in less than 25cv. His first participation in the 24H of Le Mans is in 2017 with a ZX10R. After being 3cc in the Coupe de France in promosport 600cc in 2018, he was able to participate in all competitions 1000cc promosport, at the Bol d'Or and at the 24H of Le Mans in 2019. Following a big fall on this last event, which left him with an injury, he finished 10th in the championship, a result which does not reflect his very good past results ( 2 times 5 on the Nogaro circuit at the start of the season). He also participated and finished the 23H60 with a group of friends. For 2020, his program is loaded since he will participate in the 1000cc promosport championship, but will also engage in super-biker, enduro, road rally and he has set himself the goal of finishing on the podium in the endurance cup of France with a team of the Republican Guard. This team also has the ambition to go to the endurance world championship for 2021. For the 2021 season, Thibaud Doutre with the number 38 participates in the Championnat of France of road rallies.

Lubricants used par Thibaud Doutre

To allow Thibaud to practice his sport in good conditions and achieve good performance, we provide him with our range of lubricants Gencod which are of excellent reliability. Whether on a daily basis, during his training sessions and during his races, Thibaud uses different lubricants Gencod which guarantee very good performance. For his various motorcycles, Thibaud uses several engine oils: Gencod 5W40S Gencod 10W40 as well as Gencod 2T 100% Synthesis. Regarding fork oil, he will also have different needs depending on his races, so he uses several oils: Gencod Grade 10, 15 et 20. It also has gearbox and clutch oil Gencod 10W30. For brake fluid, Thibaud turned to the DOT 4 from home Gencod. These different lubricants allow Thibaud's motorcycles to function properly and achieve very good racing performance!

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