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Ce tutorial aims at you help change the chain kit of your boxed 50cc thanks to pics and explanations associated. In this example, this is a typical motorcycle kit AM6 et Derbi Senda but the installation principle is similar on most of the metabots. Don't forget to order the right one chain kit for your bike.

Difficulty :

Temps necessary:

45 minutes

Necessary material:


change Kit chain step 1

1) Loosen the rear wheel, relax the chain tensioners and remove the brake caliper

change Kit chain step 02

2) Remove the wheel

change Kit chain step3

3) ANDLift the chain from the crown.

change Kit chain step4

4) Remove the crown fixing nuts

change Kit chain step5

5) Replace the crown

change Kit chain step6

6) Replace the retaining nuts. To avoid loosening the nuts, put a drop of thread lock on each nut, then retighten.

change Kit chain step7

7) Wind up the wheel, replace the chain on the crown,

change Kit chain step8

8) Loosen the chain tensioners completely

change step9 chain kit for am6

9) For engine AM6, remove the sprocket cover

change Kit chain step10 AM6

11) Remove the circlip from the front sprocket

change Kit chain step11 AM6

11) Remove the sprocket

change Kit chain step12 AM6

11) Place the new sprocket

change Kit chain step13 am6

11) Replace the circlip.

Change chain kit step9

9) In order to DERBI, remove the speed selector.

change chain kit DERBI Step10

11) Remove the pinion cover.

change chain kit Derbi Step11

11) Remove the two screws from the pinion and then the retaining plate.

change chain kit Derbi Step12

11) Replace the pinion. Replace the retaining plate

change chain kit Derbi Step13

11) Replace the two screws on the sprocket and replace the chain.

change Kit chain step14

11) Remove the quick coupler and remove the link

change Kit chain step15

11) Connect the new chain to the link

change Kit chain step16

11) Spin the wheel that drives the chain around the pinion and crown.

change Kit chain step17

11) Remove the old chain

change Kit chain step18

11) Close the chain with the quick coupler.

change Kit chain step19

11) The quick coupler must be positioned in the opposite direction of rolling

change Kit chain step20

11) Tension the chain by tightening the tensioners

change Kit chain step21

11) Tighten the wheel. To avoid unwinding the tension when tightening, slip a key between the chain and the crown.

change Kit chain step22

11) Refit the sprocket cover. For the Derbi, forget to reassemble the speed selector.

Replace the brake caliper. Remember to operate the brake pedal to put the circuit under pressure.

Remember to grease the chain carefully

Installing a new chain kit on your box is fairly straightforward but takes time and patience. This replacement is part of the routine maintenance of your machine.

Composed of a pinion, a crown wheel and a chain, the chain kit wears out over the miles and leads to a loss of power. To determine when to change your motorcycle chain kit, a check on these elements should be carried out frequently.

You will find at them chain kits for your two-wheelers as well as all transmission parts what you need and accessories to make your two wheels unique and original!