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Presentation of the pilot NICOLAS MAFFEO

Nicolas MAFFEO evolves in the Trial since he was seven years old. He first started on small electric motorcycles and it was at the age of 6 that he really started competing in the Ile de France league with a GasGas Txt Pro 50cc.. After very good results he goes up a category in 2019 and continues the successes. This year, he placed 7th in the French championship out of 54 in his category, and 2th in the island of France. His goal is to be champion of the island of France and to position himself in the top 10 in the classification of the French championship in his category: 2. Eventually Nicolas is pushed par the desire to reach the highest category of the championship. Nicolas rolls in Trial with lubricants GENCOD since 2018.

In July 2021, Nicolas finished on the first step of the podium of the Championnat of the Ile de France league and 3th in the French championship. He acknowledges having had the chance to train with world champion Emma Bristow.

Apart from motorcycling, Nicolas continues his studies, he is in BTS "Vehicle and motorcycle maintenance". He wants to become an instructor for beginners and experienced pilots in order to pass on his passion and knowledge of this magnificent sport. He recognizes that without the help of his father and his family, nothing would have been possible.

Lubricants used par Nicolas Maffeo

To allow Nicolas to practice his sport in good conditions and achieve good performance, we provide him with our range of lubricants Gencod which are of excellent reliability. Whether on a daily basis, during his training sessions and during his races, Nicolas uses different lubricants Gencod which guarantee very good performance. Nicolas uses engine oil Gencod 2T 100% Synthesis as well as gearbox and clutch oil Gencod 10W30. Regarding the coolant, it uses the brand Gencod. He also uses fork oil Gencod Grade 10 on his motorcycle. These different lubricants allow Nicolas' motorcycles to function properly and achieve very good racing performance!

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