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yoann semillé cross

Yoann SÃ ‰ MILLÃ ‰

Yoann Semille motorcycle cross

Presentation of the pilot YOANN SÉMILLÉ

Yoann SÉMILLÉ evolves in the Motocross and in sand racing since he was 4 years old. In 2019 he was able to finish 8th of the French sand championship in the category 250 2T. He participates in as many races as possible, whether national, regional or even more local. This allowed him to finish 2th of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine sand championship in Yamaha 250 2T and 3th of the 250 / 500 trophy in Ufolep with his 450 YZF. Yoann also participates each year inEnduropale du Touquet to which he finished 257ème on 1187 participants in 2019 and 114ème on 1257 participants in 2020.

Very good results therefore which push him to focus on the sand racing category which he should participate in the entire championship with his 250 2T for the year 2020. He will also continue to evolve with his 450 by participating in several races in the Poitou-Charentes region in the league and Ufolep and participating in 3 national races and several supercross. A very busy season for this enthusiast.

In 2021, Yoann did not participate in many races: health crisis obliges. He nevertheless took part in the Ronde des Sables in October.

For 2022, Yoann focused on Sand Races. A shame, he who did not like the sand at the base.

Lubricants used par Yoann Semillé

To allow Yoann to practice his sport in good conditions and achieve good performance, we provide him with our range of lubricants Gencod which are of excellent reliability. Whether on a daily basis, during his training and during his races, Yoann uses different lubricants Gencod which guarantee very good performance. Yoann uses engine oil for his 450 YZF Gencod 5W40S, he favors engine oil Gencod 4T 100% Synthesis when he uses his Yamaha 250. Regarding the coolant, it uses the brand Gencod. He also uses the same brake fluid for his 2 motorcycles, the DOT 4 from home Gencod. These different lubricants allow Yoann motorcycles to function properly and achieve very good racing performance!

oil gencod

Enduropale 2023rd

Yoann befriended us to tell us about his race:

"Starting in the 3th row with my feet in the water. 14:15 the start is on, I get off to a very bad start and can't manage to sneak into the first corners. I point around of the 150s in the first round.

1st pit stop around 110th place, I'm coming back little by little and feeling good on the track.

2th pitstop: 90th, we continue.

3th refueling where I point 75th well physically I continue to attack, forced to pit again 4th time following the passage of the first to refuel to be able to finish this last lap and finish 63th and 4th cfs2 . I finish the 46th season of the motorcycle scratch ranking and vice-champion of France of the CFX2."

Enduroplae 2023- Yoann Semille Enduroblade 2023- Yoann Semille2