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Chain grease

Chain grease

Understanding chain grease

Before discussing the different aspects linked to the use of the chain fat, it is important to understand what this product actually is and why it is fundamental for the maintenance of your two-wheeled vehicle. Understanding these essential points will allow you to make the right choice for your vehicle, and will help you optimize its use for optimal maintenance of your chain.

What is it ?

Chain grease is a type of lubricant specifically designed to be applied to the chain of your motorcycle, scooter, moped or quad bike. Made up of different ingredients, generally including base oils and additives, it is designed to adhere to the chain and protect it against wear and corrosion, while reducing friction for smoother and quieter operation of your vehicle.


Each grease also has specific properties: anti-corrosion, antioxidant... Here, everything once again depends on your needs!

Why is it important for vehicle maintenance?

This lubricant is essential for the proper operation and maintenance of the vehicle for several reasons. Firstly, it acts as a protective barrier against wear, arising from the numerous frictions during the operation of the chain. Secondly it has anti-corrosive properties, protecting your chain against humidity and other aggressive elements that your vehicle may encounter during use. Finally, it helps reduce friction within the drive system, ensuring a smoother ride and extending the life of the chain and other system components.

The different types of chain grease

Liquid fat

In addition, its liquid nature allows it to spread everywhere on your chain and penetrate the links. This excellent ability to soak helps improve the durability of your chain.

Warning: During application, there may be grease splashes! Cleaning after greasing may be necessary.

Bomb fat

Undoubtedly the most common form today, it is very easy to handle. It is a dry grease frequently used par outdoor hiking enthusiastsar it does not retain particles.

The downside: it is less effective than a liquid or paste grease, so it will sometimes be necessary to choose more lubricating formats.

Fat paste

It is the main grease and undoubtedly the most lubricating in the long term. Its price is more affordable and its adhesion to the chain is unrivaled.

The disadvantages: its application is more technical and requires a certain expertise, in addition, its paste state tends to attract dirt, which is precisely what we want to avoid.

The different uses of chain lubricants

Now that we have defined what chain grease is and why it is essential for the maintenance of your vehicle, let's look at the different types of chain lubricants that you can find on the market. Depending on the driving conditions and the specific characteristics of your vehicle, one type of chain grease may be more suitable than another.

Road lubricant

Road chain lubricants are designed for vehicles used primarily on paved roads. They offer good corrosion resistance, often reinforced par anti-corrosion additives, and ensure long-lasting lubrication. They are suitable for the most common riding conditions and requirements of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds of all types.

Competition lubricant

If you use your vehicle for competition, on the track or off-road, a competition chain lubricant is essential. This type of lubricant offers optimal protection in the most extreme driving conditions, with high temperatures and intense stress. It is designed to adhere to the chain in all circumstances, even at high speeds, and to resist ejection, ensuring constant and long-lasting lubrication.

All-terrain lubricant

If you use your vehicle primarily off-road, off-road, on dirt roads or mountain trails, an off-road chain lubricant is the ideal option. This type of lubricant is specially designed to withstand harsh conditions, with enhanced protection against dirt, mud and sand, and optimal grip to prevent ejection when passing over rough terrain.

Choosing the right type of chain grease

Selecting the right type of lubricant for your chain requires considering various factors, including vehicle type and specific driving conditions. Let's see how to make the right choice for your vehicle.

Depending on the type of vehicle

The first factor to consider is the type of vehicle. As mentioned previously, if you mainly ride a motorcycle or moped on the road, a road product would be most suitable. If you own a competition vehicle or often drive at high speeds, opt for a competition lubricant. Finally, for mainly off-road use, with a quad or an all-terrain vehicle, choose an all-terrain product.

Depending on driving conditions

The choice of a chain grease must also take into account the driving conditions. If you often drive in wet conditions, a product with water-repellent properties would be most suitable. If you ride in dusty, sandy or muddy conditions, opt for a lubricant with strong resistance to these impurities. Finally, if you mainly drive at high speed or over long distances, choose a long-lasting product.

Benefits of using this lubricant

Using a good chain lubricant offers many benefits for your vehicle, including:

Protection against wear and corrosion

One of the major benefits of applying this type of grease is its ability to protect the chain against wear and corrosion. This not only extends the life of the chain, but also prevents possible transmission problems and reduces long-term maintenance costs.

Reduced friction

Chain lubricant also helps minimize friction within the transmission system, which results inar a smoother, quieter ride, better responsiveness and an overall improvement in vehicle performance.

Performance improvement

By reducing friction, chain grease contributes to better transmission of power from the engine to the rear wheel, which results inar an improvement in vehicle performance, particularly in terms of acceleration and maximum speed.

Extension of chain life

Finally, by protecting the chain against wear and corrosion and reducing friction, this type of lubricant helps extend the life of the chain, which can represent significant savings in replacement costs and interview.

Correct application of this product

Proper application of chain lubricant is not only essential to reap its full benefits, but also to avoid complications that could arise from over- or under-greasing. Let's look at some common mistakes to avoid and specific application techniques.

Mistakes to avoid

Common errors when applying the product include excessive amounts of lubricant, which can cause a buildup of dirt and debris, as well as overheating the chain. Conversely, an insufficient quantity can lead to premature wear of the chain and a reduction in vehicle performance.

Application techniques

Proper use of lubricant requires a few simple but essential steps. First, make sure the chain is clean before coating it. Then apply the chain grease evenly to the entire chain, being careful not to use too much. Finally, allow the product to penetrate for a few minutes before driving the vehicle for the best results.

Maintaining the chain with the right lubricant

Once you have chosen and correctly applied your chain grease, it is important to regularly monitor the condition of your chain and carry out appropriate maintenance to ensure its proper functioning and extend its lifespan. Here's how to do it.

Signs it's time to lubricate the chain

Sometimes it can be difficult to know when to lubricate your vehicle's chain. However, there are signs that it is time to apply chain grease. Among them, the presence of rust, a noticeable decrease in chain tension, unusual noises when driving, or simply the passage of a certain number of kilometers, generally between 300 and 500 km for most vehicles.

How to properly maintain and clean the chain

Regular maintenance of the chain is essential for its durability and for the proper functioning of your vehicle. This includes cleaning the chain to remove dirt, rust and old chain grease, regularly inspecting the chain tension and general condition, and regularly applying chain grease to protect the chain. against wear and corrosion and ensure its proper functioning.

Comparison of different chain lubrication products

Once you have a clear idea of ​​what chain grease is, its importance for the maintenance of your vehicle, and how to apply and maintain it correctly, it is time to make the right choice among the many products available on the market. To do this, it can be helpful to compare products from several brands and take into account your specific needs and preferences.

The most popular brands

There are many brands of chain lubricants on the market, each offering different types of products with specific features and benefits. Among the most popular are: Ipone, Yacco, Motul and Ams-oil, which are renowned for the quality and reliability of their products.

The advantages of the products offered par our enterprise

We offer a rigorous selection of superior quality lubrication products, which meet the specific needs of two-wheel enthusiasts. Whatever your type of vehicle and your driving conditions, you will find the product that suits you with us. We also offer personalized advice to help you choose, apply and properly maintain your chain grease, to ensure worry-free driving and a long life for your vehicle.

Although this lubrication product may seem like a small detail in the overall maintenance of your two-wheeled vehicle, it actually plays a crucial role in the operation and performance of your vehicle. By choosing the right product, applying it correctly and taking care of your chain regularly, you can improve the performance of your vehicle, extend the life of your chain and fully enjoy every ride on your motorcycle, moped or quad.

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