Promo code, gift card and loyalty points promo code

We regularly carry out exclusive promotions. Par example for sales, holiday periods or for the start of the school year. Discount coupons are only availablear through our site or our Facebook page. So do not take into account the offers on offerar other sites than 50factory. Com.

Below is an example of a banner visible on the home page of our site and a Facebook publication with a promotional code. The majority of coupon codes consist of offering a voucher from an order of a certain amount. 5 € will be par example offered if you order for 50 € coins during the offer period.

promo facebook 50factory

50 Gift

You wish to make a gift on but you do not know which article to choose? You can offer a gift card worth 20 €, 30 €, 50 € or 100 €. You will receive your gift certificate with a code to use directly on our site. These are compatible with all parts available on and can be used for one year from the date of purchase. Ideal for a birthday or for the end of the year holidays!

50 gift certificatefactory

50 loyalty

50 loyalty pointsfactory

We offer a system of loyalty points for each customer who will place an order on our site (individual as professional). You will benefit from a point par slice of 10 € purchase. If you place an order for 160 € par example, you will get 16 points, usable on your next order. Note that one point is equal to 20 cents. With your 16 points you will have a reduction of 3,20 € (does not apply on the delivery fees that remain the same).

It is very interesting for a regular customer to accumulate loyalty points to obtain a significant discount on his future order. There is no requirement to access this loyalty scheme. You can check your points balance by going to your 50 in the section my account - my loyalty points.