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50Factory Company History

50Factory was born from the owner's, Willy Marolleau, passion for 50 motorcycles. Since June 2009, the company has been specialized in spare parts for 50cc3 bikes. We were first called “50 occaz”, and the site was initially for selling used spare parts for 50cc motorcycles. In 2013, « 50occaz » became « 50factory », offering both new and used products.

In 2016 the team is structured and various departments are put in placeace to best meet customer expectations. 50 factory completes its range of products distributed with original spare parts but also partnerships with the biggest brands of engine and exhaust parts. A network of partner garages is set upace.

In 2017 a reorganisation is made to separate scooter and 50cc parts and to simplify the searching process on the site A paper catalog is created for professionals to simplify their search for parts. A major expansion project took place at the end of the year 2017, making it possible to double the surface storage.

In 2018, the range of spare parts continues to grow concerning 50 cc and scooter 50cc new parts, both original and performance parts. The company continues to grow and to hire in order to support the development of new services.

In 2019, an enlargement of the storage area is again carried out for a floor area of ​​540m2 over 9 meters high, making it possible to create a storage platform with 3 levels. New ranges of new parts are appearing on the site with the creation of the moped and solex universes for which the emphasis is placed in particular in order to satisfy the greatest number of vintage cycling enthusiasts.

In 2020, 50 Factory is developing by improving its internal logistics processes and by constantly expanding the product range of scooter universe 50cc and motorcycle 125cc. One of the other priorities is given to improve the user experience in every way. Numerous projects are underway to develop the activity even more.

In 2021, 50 Factory is still developing strongly by launching a range of parts for quads. Work is also taking place to increase the surface of 1200m² to be able to store even more references. New technological systems are implemented.ace in order to improve the order preparation process.

In 2022, the acquisition of the neighboring building as well as a new extension allowing to link the two sets will make it possible to reach by the end of the year a surface floor total of 5000 m2. These new work areas will mainly make it possible to integrate the two lines of control and packaging before shipment. This will also be an opportunity to have more suitable premises for workshops but also photo studios. The product catalog continues to expand around the 50, 125 and all-terrain universes in order to offer ever greater customer satisfaction. And as always new projects are in preparation...

A wide range of parts dedicated to 50cc, scooter, 125cm3 and moped

Our products are listed under 5 categories:

To do face to meet customer needs, we offer both new original parts, adaptable parts as well as used parts. The new parts are selected from the best suppliers of original and adaptable parts and always at the best value for money. Used parts come from vehicles in return for insurance. They are disassembled, cleaned and tested by our own mechanics. After checking their operating condition they are put on sale. This work allows us to offer rare and difficult to find parts.

Our catalogue now has more than 50.000 entries, which makes it the largest catalogue dedicated to spares and accessories for 50cc and 125cc motorcycles.

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Discover below the different functions of the company 50 Factory.

Purchase Service 50Factory


The mission of the purchasing department is to meet customer needs by ensuring the best availability rate and always looking for new products. The service is made up of several specialists, each has its own field: motorcycle, scooter, moped, quad, equipment and accessories, which allows us to offer precise information on model compatibility and complete exploded views. The purchasing department is in direct contact with the brands. It also ensures the quality control of products, the search for adaptable parts, new products and price negotiation.

reception service 50Factory


Products Reception at 50Factory is the service where 100% of the parts of the site pass, it includes up to 15 employees, who receive, return to stock, and put away 1000 references on average per day to keep your favorite products always available. The reception service is expanding by practically tripling its surface, going from 60M2 to 150M2, having had a second platform built in order to receive more items. In addition, the reception process has improved by computerizing its entire logistics chain.

On-line 50Factory

Product Upload

The uploading service is responsible for taking photos. When receiving new products, they must pass through this service. As soon as the product arrives, the upload procedure starts with determining the precise dimensions of the latter, then pictures from several angles are taken. Once those photos have been taken, they are then cropped and reworked before being uploaded to our website.

Expedition 50Factory


The dispatch department is the one with the most staff, with 35 people present all week and 10 additional people who come to meetforcer service every Monday. This service is in charge of shipping an average of 1500 orders daily. All orders are prepared, packed and then shipped par this service. The shipping department manages the loading into the trucks. In order to do face to the growing number of orders, the shipping department will soon be equipped with new packaging lines.

workshop 50Factory


The workshop is dedicated to the dismantling of damaged motorcycles that came from partner crash vehicle depots. These damaged motorcycles are certified as destroyer. The goal is to be able to offer you used products in good condition on our site. The workshop works closely with the on-line service to ensure that used products are made available as quick as possible.

Informatic service 50Factory


The IT department is in charge of managing the website. First of all, he ensures the foundation of the site as well as its development. The IT department aims to resolve and, above all, prevent all types of technical problems that may arise. It is composed of 3 collaborators.

Marketing Service 50Factory


The marketing and communication department is in charge of managing social networks and referencing the website on the various browsers. There are several specialty areas within this service such as sponsorship management, graphics, SEO as well as SEA. It aims to increase 50Factory visibility on the internet.

Customer Service 50Factory


Customer service is there when a customer has a specific question to ask about one of the products or meets an issue with an order. The main goal of this service is to guarantee a rapid exchange in order to satisfy and respond to each of the requests of our customers, whether they are individuals or professionals. The service is divided into two teams, one dedicated to individuals and the other dedicated to professionals.

A simple and secure website

Easily find all the parts you need using our search bar and product filtering system. You can also use the filter located on the left of the site to tune your searches.

Five simple steps enable you to quickly place your order.

Payment are done through a Secure payment with the CM-CIC, Paypal or bank transfer.

Receive your pieces in 24h via Chronopost or in 2/3 days with standard french postal service. See delivery details.

Available service and technical advice

For assistance with the maintenance and repair of your motorcycle, please refer to our documentation in particular our technical tutorials and all our brands.

In the event of an incorrect order, or if you need to make a return, you can return unwanted parts.

For any other questions please call us on +33 (0)5 40 13 02 24 or e-mail us at: [email protected]

building 50Factory

team 50Factory

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