Your personal data according to RGPD legislation in place since 25 May 2018

The identity of the person responsible for the file

The person in charge of personal data protection (DPO) is available to answer all your questions at the following address or by e-mail to

Personal data protection Responsible for

28, Rue Jean Giraud

79140 Cerizay

The purpose of the file uses your personal data for several reasons:

- To send parcels to your home

- To make package returns

- To create all related administrative documents (invoice, delivery note ...)

- To send personal promotional offers (birthday code, credit code ...)

- In case of subscription to the newsletter, to inform about new offers or promotions

- In case of acceptance of cookies, for statistical analysis

How are your personal data stored?

Personal data are stored in compliance with French legislation and European regulations. may share the personal data file with other companies for the implementation of various services (for the newsletter par example). A contract is signed between with these companies to ensure the protection of your personal data.

Personal data are stored for five years after the last relationship between the company and the customer. After this period, all data is erased. does not stock any bank data. Banks are in charge of banking transactions and the company is not allowed to keep such information.

We do not collect data related to political opinions, racial or ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or syndical affiliations. No genetic, biometric, health, sexual life, or sexual orientation data of a physical person are collected.

Recipients of the data

Within the company, your data is processed exclusively by specialized people (mainly customer service). Access to your personal data is also authorized for companies working with concerning the fields of advertising and transport. Indeed carriers need this information to carry out the delivery of packages and advertising companies to target more easily a specific clientele.

The security of your data

50factory is committed to implement all necessary measures to ensure the security of your data. Access to your data is limited to providers who guarantee proper operations of the services offered by the site.

In order to guarantee optimal security, we advise you to change your password as often as possible.

If you access the site from another terminal than yours, we advise you to log out and clear the browser cookies after consulting the site.

Rights (right of access, rectification, and opposition)

You can at any time request the modification, deletion as well as the obtaining of your personal data registered at by sending us a request through this form or by mail accompanied by an identity certificate to:

Personal data protection Responsible for

28, Rue Jean Giraud

79140 Cerizay


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