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Suppressor and spark plug wire

Suppressor and spark plug wire

The suppressor, also called a spark plug cap or connector, is a small element which is located between the spark plug wire and the spark plug. Its main mission is to channel the electrical current provided par la ignition coil and direct it towards the candle. At the same time, the anti-interference ensures perfect insulation to prevent any current leakage.

Without it, the electrical current could escape and the spark plug could not function properly, which could lead to misfires, excessive fuel consumption, or even breakdowns.

The different types of antiparasitics

Standard model (black)

Generally speaking, standard suppressors are black in color and have a cylindrical shape. Their resistance value is generally 5kΩ, which is sufficient to ensure proper operation in most cases. They are compatible with most makes and models of two-wheeled vehicles and quads.

Red model

There are also so-called spark plug", usually red in color. They are optimized for competition use and offer lower resistance (usually around 1kΩ), allowing improved ignition performance.

How to choose it well?

To choose the right one, you must ensure compatibility with your machine. Also be sure to check the resistance indicated on the suppressor. Unsuitable, it could cause starting problems and degrade the performance of your machine.

Signs It's Time to Replace This Component

If you notice misfires, starting problems or a drop in performance of your machine, it is very possible that it is the cause. Its replacement is then necessary.

Candle wire

The role of the spark plug wire in the ignition system

The role of the spark plug wire is to conduct the electrical current from the ignition coil to the spark plug, passing par the antiparasitic. It is an essential component for efficient and reliable ignition.

How to choose and replace your spark plug wire?

Be sure to choose good quality wire to ensure optimal conductivity. Replacing the spark plug wire is usually quite simple and can be done in just a few minutes.

Influence of this component on engine performance

A good quality suppressor helps to improve the quality of ignition, ensuring good electrical conductivity and avoiding current leaks. This translates to par improved engine performance, optimized fuel consumption and an increase in the life of your engine.

By guaranteeing optimal ignition quality, it helps preserve the health of your engine, delay the wear of your parts and therefore extend the life of your vehicle.

Major brands available: NGK, Polini, Aries, Champion

We have selected for you the best brands of suppressors, recognized for their reliability and performance. You will find branded antiparasitic devices in our catalog NGK, Polini, or Ram, enough to satisfy all needs and all budgets.

The suppressor and its wire are main elements for the good health of your ignition and the proper functioning of your two-wheeler or quad. By carefully choosing your suppressor and spark plug wire, you can improve the performance of your vehicle and extend the life of your engine.

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