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Number plate

Number plate

License plate for motorcycle, scooter, quad and moped.

Essential on your two-wheeler and your quad, the motorcycle license plate is an essential element. This accessory, regulated par the law, is the passport for your motorcycle, making your vehicle identifiable and unique. It is crucial to choose your motorcycle license plate carefully. How to choose it? What are the regulations? We invite you through this article to discover a complete guide to fully understand the history, regulations and choice of motorcycle registration plate.

Understand its importance

Before reviewing the criteria for choosing a motorcycle license plate, it is essential to understand its importance and role.

Role and purpose of approved plates

The motorcycle license plate is placed at the rear of the vehicle. It is the only identifier of your motorcycle with the authorities. It is also used to enforce traffic rules and prevent illegal driving. Without a license plate, your motorcycle is considered non-compliant, so you risk receiving a fine. In the event of using false plates, you incur an offense punishable by 3 years of imprisonment, a fine of 3500 Euros, a 3-year suspension of your driving license and confiscation of your vehicle, in accordance with articles L.317-2 and L.317-4 of the Highway Code.

Regulations in force in France

In France, the regulations regarding license plates are very strict. All plates must follow a certain format and contain specific characters. The letters must be black on a reflective white background and the format must be standardized. 210 mm p format platesar 130 mm are the only ones authorized since July 1, 2017. These regulations on motorcycle plates apply to all two-wheeled, three-wheeled vehicles and motorized quadricycles (such as quads). Any driver driving with a non-compliant, illegible, removable or incorrectly positioned plate will be liable to a 4th class fine (135 Euros).

The different types of plates

The appearance and material of the motorcycle license plate may vary depending on driver preferences and vehicle features.

In aluminum

The aluminum license plate is one of the most common in France. It is durable, weather resistant and easy to clean. It can deform under the effect of shocks. Alone The plates for collector's vehicles are made of aluminum on a black background with gray aluminum characters.


The plexiglass license plate is another popular option. It is shock resistant, lightweight and offers great clarity of characters. However, it can yellow and tarnish over time.

Personalized license plate

If you want to give a touch of originality to your motorcycle, you can opt for a personalized license plate. This may include adding a specific logo, symptoms or colors. However, it is important to note that any customization must comply with current standards and regulations.

The selection criteria to be taken into account

The choice of your motorcycle license plate must be made based on several criteria. It is essential to opt for a quality, durable product that complies with standards.

Whether plate thickness, material, number composition or size, all these aspects must be taken into account when choosing. Also think about the aesthetic side and the compatibility of the plate with your motorcycle.

Mistakes to avoid when buying

Among the mistakes to avoid when purchasing a motorcycle license plate, we find the choice of an unapproved or poor quality product. Also avoid cheap plates, car they may not be durable and resistant.

It is crucial to choose an approved license plate. This means that it complies with European standards for size, shape and typography. An unapproved plate can result in a fine.

Installation on your vehicle

Installing a license plate on your motorcycle is not a complex task, but it requires precision and a few specific tools.

The installation process

Installing a motorcycle license plate follows a series of simple steps, from preparing the support to the mounting of the plate.

Tools needed for installation

Most of the time, a drill, screwdriver, screws and washers are all you need to install a motorcycle license plate. Make sure you have these tools on hand before you begin installation.

Also think about thelighting of said plate. In fact, the law says that rear license plate lighting is mandatory. It is for all types of motor vehicles or trailers. This therefore concerns any registered vehicle: motorcycle, scooter, quad, motor tricycles, etc. it is more precisely thearticle R 313-12 who says that the rear license plate light must facilitate the readability of the plate at 20 m, at night, par clear weather.

Order a motorcycle license plate

To order a motorcycle license plate, there are several reliable online platforms, including 50 Factory, offering quality products at competitive prices.

Order process

The process of ordering a motorcycle license plate is generally simple. You choose the plate that suits you, you add the product to your basket, you attach a copy of the registration document and you proceed to payment.

Shipping information

Once the order is placed, the customer generally receives their product within a few days, depending on the company's delivery policy. At 50 Factory, we deliver to your home or to a relay point throughout France and in the summerranger.

Tips for keeping your plate in good condition

Beyond the choice and installation, it is essential to regularly maintain your license plate to maintain its visibility and readability.

Clean your license plate regularly with a soft cloth and mild cleaner to remove dirt and debris. Avoid using abrasive products that could scratch or damage the plate. Make sure the license plate lighting is operational.

The quality of our products and our customer service

Thanks to our large catalog, our competitive prices and our quality customer service, 50 Factory is the specialist in the online sale of parts and accessories for two-wheelers. We stand outar our expertise in the field and constant commitment to quality and innovation.

To conclude, the choice of motorcycle license plate should not be taken lightly. Opt for a quality product, comply with current regulations and pay attention to installation and maintenance to ensure prolonged, problem-free use. At 50 Factory, we support you in this process by offering you the best motorcycle registration plates online.

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