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bardahl is a brand of lubricants for the most diverse applications, always guaranteeing excellent quality standards. Discover all the brand's products here bardahl adapted to the maintenance of your two-wheeler or your quad, as par example 2T engine oil, 4T engine oil, gearbox oil, transmission oil… All maintenance products and all oils bardahl are available for your two wheels. Compatible for motor Derbi Euro 2, Euro 3, AM6, scooter, moped, 125, quad…


A bit of history about Bardahl

Let's go on an adventure! bardahl begins in 1990, when a revolutionary engine lubricant was developed, by Ole Bardahl (engineer of Norwegian origin). This innovation will be used for US Air planes Force during the world conflict and the formulation will even be classified as "Secret Defense".

bardahl stands out by using Fullerene C60 (60 carbon atoms) chemistry. The working principle of the Fullerene C60 resembles that of highly mobile and flexible ball bearings which feature extreme pressure resistance due to their spherical-shaped molecular structure . The manufacturer has evolved this molecule into Fullerene C60 Polar Plus, which is based on the principle of polarisation of molecules. In concrete terms, this allows the oil to adhere durably to the mechanical elements of the engine while leaving a protective film, thus providing optimal lubrication.

For more than 80 years, bardahl takes care of engines and machines by offering high quality lubricants and additives. bardahl improves the performance of the mechanisms, lengthens their lifespan, and limits harmful emissions and waste. In a word : bardahl saves you time and money while improving the efficiency and comfort of use of your engines and machines, always with a view to sustainability.

Today, the brand bardahl is present on 5 continents and its products are marketed in more than 100 countries. It has production units in the United States, France, Belgium, Italy, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.

Ole Bardahl has always been convinced that the best way to test the efficiency of its products and to improve them was to confront them with the requirements of the most demanding users: racing drivers. Benchmark for high performance engine oils and additives in the automotive world and flag bearer for the most talented drivers on all terrains since the 50s, bardahl has always led sporting, human and mechanical challenges at the highest level.

Minarelli Engines and Bardahl Italia have signed an agreement for the supply of first fill lubricants, fluids and additives for the three-year period 2022-2024. After renewing its technical and industrial collaboration with Fantic Engine, bardahl has now extended its relationship with the entire Group, including Minarelli Engines. The passion for engines, high quality, technologies and the continuous search for absolute excellence are the basis of the choices that have led to an agreement aimed at consolidating the position of the two brands as protagonists on the scene. ne international automobile. An additional "guarantee of quality", thanks to the products bardahl, to protect all manufacturers who trust Minarelli engines to equip their vehicles. Products bardahl offer superior reliability, protection and performance, the result of continuous research and testing in top level motorsport competition.

Find more information on the official Bardahl website.

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Bardahl in competition

bardahl has since its inception always sponsored and supported many racing teams in all disciplines. The success was very quickly at the rendezvous. In 1956, The Ferrari driven by Nina Farina wins the 500 miles ofIndianapolished.

More recently, the French Thomas Chareyre won 8 titles from Champion of the world Superbiker (2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020), most often, with Bardahl in the middle of his combination.

In 2016, Bardahl Italy became the team's main sponsor Evan Bros. Racing, engaged in Championnat of the world Super Sports (World SSP). The 2019s and 2020s were the most crowned. In 2019, the Bardahl Evan Bros. Racing won the teams' and drivers' title with Randy Krummenacher. The team member of Krummenacher, Federico Caricasulo, even finished runner-up. The following year, andrea locatelli flew over the championship with 7 pole positions, 12 wins, 13 podiums and 11 fastest race laps (out of 15 races) riding the Yamaha R6. Bardahl Evan Bros. Racing was titled in the team championship.

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