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Piaggio is a world renowned Italian brand. We offer many new and used original parts directly from the manufacturer Piaggio. You will find par example a wide range of fairings such as the original fork head, front and rear fairings but also parts of the cycle part, electricity and engine (saddle, headlight, handlebars, air box ...). Replace your damaged partar an exactly similar piece to take no risk! You will also find on our site many adaptable parts which perfectly suit your needs.

By choosing one of our original parts Piaggio you choose the best quality. What could be better than driving in peace with the part that matches your vehicle? It is a real guarantee of quality.


A bit of history on PIAGGIO

Brand Piaggio was created in 1884 by Rinaldo Piaggio. Originally, the manufacturer produced furniture for luxury yachts. The company then diversified into the manufacture of wagons, engines, buses, trams and trucks. During the First World War, Piaggio focuses on aircraft engines and aircraft design. Ten years after the end of the conflict, the company will even produce a seaplane; the Piaggio P7. A bomber made entirely of metal will see the light of day in 1935, the Piaggio P16.

Following the world war, Piaggio was banned from producing planes just like other Italian manufacturers.

As a conscientious engineer, Corradino D'Ascanio going to put all the motorcycle's faults to rest, invent solutions and create the Vespa. The chain will disappear for an engine directly attached to the wheel, the gears will be on the handlebars and as there will no longer be any need to straddle the machine, everyone will be able to drive it. The suspension will be a pendulum for the front and the fork will be single-arm to facilitate maintenance. The wheels will be fixed laterally, as on the landing gear of airplanes.

Le Vespa was a great success from its debut with 10 thousand copies sold in 000. The year 1947 marks the celebration of the millionth copy produced and allows Piaggio to bail out its struggling finances par the dispute.

In 1949, FIAT and the family Agnelli buy Piaggio and take control of it on the death ofEnrico Piaggio (1965).

In the years that followed, Piaggio will buy back successively Gilera, Puch, Derbi then Aprilia. She then acquires Laverda et Moto Guzzi.

The group is also present in the field of light transport with three and four wheels - triporteurs and vans - with the ranges of commercial vehicles Ape, Porter et I'm looking.

In 2006, Piaggio launches the revolutionary MP3, the world's first three-wheeled scooter with two wheels at the front.

The year 2009 sees the presentation of the first hyb scooterride in the world based on the famous MP3. Piaggio is the only manufacturer in the world to have hyb technologyride for scooter and to produce a model in large series.

In 2016, Piaggio presents the first electric scooter the Vespa power.

In 2022 a new generation of electric scooter is born to live in the city without emissions and with all the quality, technology and safety that have always distinguished scooters Piaggio.

Some numbers:

In 2017, the company is the leader in the scooter sector in Europe.

- World production in 2017: 376 000 vehicles sold in 2017

- Worldwide turnover in 2017: 1 342 millions euros.

- Workforce worldwide: 6 620 employees (worldwide workforce) of which less than 3 000 in Italy.

- 6 production sites: 4 in Italy, 1 in Vietnam and 1 in India.

The museum Piaggio

The museum Piaggio occupies one of the oldest buildings in the complex of Pontedera and also houses the historical archives of Piaggio, one of the richest and most complete accounts of industrial history in Europe. The museum of Piaggio is today the largest motorcycle museum in Italy and one of the most important in Europe with the extraordinary collection of Vespa, those dedicated to brands Piaggio and those relating to the sporting history of the brands Aprilia, Gilera et Moto Guzzi.

Museum Piaggio piaggio museum ciao and ape room

All PIAGGIO parts for 50cc gearbox and scooter engines

All the original parts for your 50cc, your 125cc or your scooter Piaggio are available on our site. Find your cycle parts, engine, electricity and fairings. Customize or repair your moped Piaggio Ciao or your scooter Piaggio Zip ou Liberty. Choose your original manufacturer replacement part to bring the best possible performance to your two wheels!

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All original PIAGGIO parts


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Piaggio in competition

Essentially intended to survey the streets of cities, the Piaggio Zip 50 has proven its versatility on the circuits. Its reduced weight and compact chassis make it an excellent scooter for endurance racing.

Le Zip was particularly prized by competitors thanks to its unrivaled weight/performance ratio! A significant number of Zip took position on the starting gates of the Polini Italian Cup and some races Malossi.

Kawasaki w2 650 Kawasaki h1 1969 piaggio zip malossi