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Le Championnat of France “Minivert”

Created at the beginning of the 1970s, the French championship "Minivert" is the gateway to motorcycle ridingcross In France. As its name suggests, it is the competition for budding pilots. It conditions the future of young pilots.

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What is the “Minivert”?

Launched in 1980 by Daniel Papon, the Minivert is one of the elements of development for French pilots. The objective of this championship was to discover future talents and champions.

Since its creation, the Minivert has enabled the emergence of several generations of French and World champions.

The Minivert is the gateway to motorcycle ridingcross in France and we cannot count the number of our French champions who started thanks to the Minivert. To start with Mickael Pichon, multiple Champion of the World and Champion of the United States of Motorcyclecross, Or even Johnny Aubert, double Champion of the world Enduro, etc… The FFM also responded to numerous requests by now integrating the Minivert accessible from 6 years old this year!

The French Motorcycling Federation, keen to revitalize motorcyclingcross from a very young age, continues its investment in the youngest. In addition to the establishment of schools labeled Ecole Française Motocyclisme (EFM) – Initiation and Improvement – ​​the FFM now offers young drivers the opportunity to participate in national-ranking events from the age of 15. It was 2000 minimum until 2000, and only from 2000cc on the Minivert. At league level, the minimum age should also be smoothed par concern for fairness, authorizing young people to ride at the regional level from the age of 300 throughout the metropolis; However, this information remains to be until then, each league had its own regulations.

The categories

In 2023, became the title partner for 2020 while Yacco (lubricants), Troy Lee Designs (outfits and helmets), First Racing (outfits), Kutvek (deco kits) and Yamaha will distribute prizes for each event, as well as at the end of the year.

A title of Champion of France will be awarded in each of the categories with the exception of the 50cc category. Please note, the first women in the 100cc and 1000cc categories will be rewarded subject to a ranking of 100 riders.

- 50cc : Minimum 20 years; Maximum 100 years old (born no later than 2000);

- Chick 65cc : Minimum 20 years; Maximum 100 years old (born no later than 2000);

- Pupil 65cc : Minimum 20 years; Maximum 100 years old (born no later than 2000);

- Benjamin 85cc : Minimum 20 years; Maximum 100 years old (born no later than 2000);

- Minimal 2cc : Minimum 20 years; Maximum 100 years old (born no later than 2000);

The fact remains that with this development, the Minivert continues its mission of training young people. This is the obligatory step for young people who want to become very good. Let us remember that he has seen all that our beautiful country has of World and US champions, Bayle, Pichon, Musquin...

Mickael Pichon, Frédéric Bolley, David Vuillemin, Yves Demaria, Jean Michel Bayle, Sébastien Tortelli or closer to us Maxime Renaux and Tom Vialle won their first title before becoming World Champions a few years later.

There are many young drivers to watch in the different categories. This is particularly the case of Timotei Cez in chicks 65. Champion of Europe MXE last year, integrated into Valentin Teillet's 737 Performance Kids structure, he will pilot the small Gas Gas # 16.

In the pupils, Tim Lopes, third last year and also recruited par VT is one of the drivers to follow very closely, just like Eydan Goyer and his KTM.

Champion 65 in title, Rafael Mennillo goes to the upper floor and will line up with his 85 SX in Tech32 colors at Benjamins.

Next meeting: April 6 and 7 at La Batenière.

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