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Ce tutorial aims at you help change the tire of your boxed 50. The example presented here concerns the tire change of a Derbi Senda DRD X-Treme. The principle remains the same for all two wheels 50cc and more.

Difficulty :

Temps necessary:

30 minutes


change your tire step1

1) Remove the brake caliper, the wheel axle and the spacer.

change your tire step2

2) Remove the wheel.

change your tire step3

3) Place the wheel on 2 chocks.

change your tire step4

4) Remove the valve cap.

change your tire step5

5) Remove the valve core with the shell remover. Once removed, the tire deflates on its own.

change your tire step6

6) Loosen the valve nut.

change your tire step7

7) Peel off the tire on both sides of the rim. If the tire does not come off easily use the tire changer.

change your tire step8

8) Remove the tire using the tire changer. You can use rim protectors to avoid damaging your rim.

change your tire step9

9) Remove the valve nut.

change your tire step10

11) Remove the inner tube.

change your tire step11

11) Remove the tire completely from the rim.

change your tire step12

11) Position the new tire on the rim, having checked the direction of rotation indicated on par arrows on the sidewall of the tire.

change your tire step13

11) Apply tire grease to the 2 faces of the tire.

change your tire step14

11) Replace the valve core on the air chamber.

change your tire step15

11) Inflate the inner tube slightly to position it correctly.

change your tire step16

11) Put the inner tube in the tire.

change your tire step17

11) Put the valve in its place then put back the valve nut.

change your tire step18

11) Install the tire on the rim. Usually the first sidewall of the tire goes in without tools. Use the tire levers by leaning on the groove of the rim until the edge of the tire enters without forcer.

change your tire step19

11) Tighten the valve nut.

change your tire step20

11) Inflate your inner tube. This also allows the tire to properly position itself on the rim. A click is heard when the tire is properly glued to the rim.

change your tire step21

11) Tighten the valve nut as much as possible.

change your tire step22

11) Inflate your tire to the correct pressure (that indicated par the constructor).

change your tire step23

11) Replace the valve cap.

change your tire step24

11) Replace your wheel. Check that nothing has been forgotten, that all the tightenings are correct, and that the wheel turns freely.

Changing tires on your gearbox 50cc is fairly simple. You will find at of tires for different brands and models of your two wheels.

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