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Fork yoke and parts

Fork yoke and parts

Le fork tee is an essential part of your motorcycle that plays a crucial role in the stability and safety of your vehicle. You will discover everything you need to know about this fork element, from its role to its choice, including par its installation and maintenance.

Understanding the role of the triple clamp

Definition of this essential element

It is the mechanical part that connects the motorcycle frame to the fork, which itself is in direct contact with the wheel. This element plays a crucial role in the handling and stability of the vehicle, car it allows you to control the direction of the motorcycle.

Generally made of robust materials such as steel or aluminum, it must be very resistant to withstand the stresses of driving. Triple clamps hold the fork tubes in the correct position and stabilize them to ensure precise steering and safe handling.

Importance of this part in a two-wheeler

Essential part for the operation of the fork, connecting the pivot to the stanchions. There are 2 types of tees: single and double. As the name suggests, this is the number of triple clamps on the fork. The double crown (lower and upper) stiffens the fork and dissipates the forces on the 2 triple clamps, relieving stress on the steering column.

It plays a central role in the steering mechanism of a two-wheeler. It is this part which ensures the link between the handlebars and the fork, thus allowing the rider to steer his vehicle with precision. The triple clamp is also responsible for the stability of the motorcycle, itar it is he who ensures that the fork is maintained in a vertical position.

The different types available


The lower triple clamp is the part that connects the fork to the steering axle. It is generally more sturdy and rigid than the top crown, allowing it to support the weight of the entire upper section of the motorcycle. In general, the lower triple clamp is attached to the steering axis. It is press-fitted or welded.


The top crown is the part that attaches to the top of the head tube. It connects the handlebars to the fork, and therefore transmits the rider's movements to the steering of the motorcycle. Less robust than the lower triple, but more manageable, it is particularly important for piloting.

For motorcycles

There are different types for motorcycles depending on the model and type of driving. The choice of this part depends largely on the fork of the motorcycle. Par For example, for a sports type motorcycle, we will generally opt for a lower triple clamp, which is stiffer and more robust.

For scooters

On scooters, it also plays a vital role. As with motorcycles, the choice depends on the model of the scooter and the type of driving. Most scooters use a higher crown for better maneuverability and smoother riding.

For mopeds

On mopeds, the crown is generally of a higher type. This choice allows for better weight distribution on the front wheel, which promotes the stability of the moped when changing direction.

Selection based on motorcycle model

When you have to choose a triple clamp for your motorcycle, several criteria must be taken into account. First of all, it is imperative that the part is compatible with the model of your motorcycle. Then, choosing between a lower or higher crown depends on your stiffness and handling needs.

Choice according to the driver's needs

The choice also depends on the driver’s profile. If you are a sporty rider, you may prefer a lower triple clamp, which provides better rigidity and better control of the motorcycle. On the other hand, if you prioritize driving comfort, a higher triple clamp seems to be the best choice, itar it offers more agility and softness.

Installing your part

Installation steps

To install a triple clamp, remember to consult our tutorial: change your fork.

It is possible to modify the behavior of your scooter or motorcycle using a specific triple clamp. Aluminum cut from the mass offers greater rigidity than cast aluminum and provides a considerable weight saving par compared to steel.
For more stability or maneuverability, you can also adjust the offset of the triple clamp, which changes the caster angle. It may be necessary to change the offset to correct its geometry and reduce or increase the front angle.

Tips for a successful implementation

To ensure successful and long-lasting installation of your triple clamp, it is recommended to regularly check the condition of the part and to follow the manufacturer's instructions. In addition, do not hesitate to call a professional if you are not comfortable with this operation.

Care instructions

Tips for effective maintenance

To maintain your triple clamp, it is recommended to clean it regularly using a soft cloth and a suitable cleaning product. Also remember to grease the part regularly to ensure its good lubrication.

Signs of a defective part

If there is abnormal play in the steering or if the motorcycle tends to pull to one side, this may mean that the triple clamp is worn and needs to be replaced. Likewise, if you notice excessive wear or cracking on the part, it is time to change your triple clamp.

The range offered par our enterprise

Our catalog includes a wide range of triple clamps of all kinds, for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. Each piece is carefully selected for its quality and performance. In addition, we also offer original or adaptable triple clamps, to meet all needs and all budgets.

Conclusion: The importance of choosing the right triple clamp

In conclusion, the triple clamp is an essential mechanical part of your two-wheeler. Choosing a quality triple clamp, suited to your vehicle and driving style, will ensure a comfortable and safe driving experience. Do not hesitate to consult our catalog or contact our customer service to find the perfect part for your vehicle. Good road !