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Whether you are a rider steeped in the spirit of the times or a classic enthusiast, an essential element connects you to your two-wheeler: the handlebar. The latter plays an essential role in terms of safety, control and driving comfort.

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Understanding Handlebars

Definition and role

This is the bar that controls the steering of a motorcycle, scooter, moped or quad. It serves as a means of vehicle control, allowing the driver to steer the front wheels according to the road layout or driving maneuvers. Not only does it provide precise steering control, but it also gives the user a point of support and balance.

Its importance in driving cannot be underestimated. It impacts comfort and ease of driving and greatly influences driver safety. Properly sized and shaped, it can reduce driver fatigue on long journeys and improve vehicle handling in demanding driving situations.

The different types available

Diameter 22 mm

Le 22 mm diameter handlebar is the most common format for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. This diameter corresponds to the standard size of commodos and other accessories, which facilitates their adaptation to thousands of different vehicle models. Often made of steel, they are strong and offer excellent durability.

Diameter 28 mm

Le 28 mm diameter handlebar, often called "variable diameter" or "fatbar", has a different design. Wider at the mounting level, it decreases in diameter at the handles, allowing standard size commodos to be adapted. They offer superior rigidity, making them particularly suitable for motorcycles. cross or sporty road.

With bar

Some handlebars are equipped with a crossbar to increase their rigidity. These models are particularly appreciated for their look vintage and for their increased robustness. They are often used for off-road driving, car they offer better resistance in the event of a fall.

Without bar

The barless handlebars, or "road bar", are designed for use on the road. They have a simplified shape, without a crossbar, which makes them more comfortable for long trips. In addition, they allow greater freedom in terms of adjustment and driving position.

Choose it well

Depending on the type of vehicle

The choice largely depends on the type of vehicle you drive. For a sports motorcycle, a type "b" handlebarracelet " may be more appropriate to allow a more aggressive driving position. For urban or off-road riding, a wider and taller handlebar can improve handling and control.

Depending on driving style

Your driving style should also be taken into account. For sporty riding, a lower handlebar can improve aerodynamics and speed. For off-road driving, it will be taller to provide better handling and control. If you prioritize comfort, a curved or straight shape can improve comfort for long journeys.

Recognized brands

From a recognized brand, such as Gencod, KRM, Renthal, Moose Racing ou Voca it guarantees you superior quality and increased durability. These manufacturers are recognized in the industry for their high-quality products, innovation and commitment to driver safety.

Tips for a successful installation

Installation is not a complex task. You will need to take into account the size, the diameter of the switch housing, and the existing wiring. Make sure you have the right tools on hand and follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper and safe installation. Check out our tutorial: Change the handlebars and handles

Cockpit customization

The impact on the style of your vehicle

Changing handlebars can have a significant impact on the style of your vehicle. Whether you opt for a look vintage, sporty, urban or off-road, it is a key element to assert your style. While improving comfort and handling, customizing the handlebars allows you to add a unique touch to your vehicle.

Customization options available

The customization offer is vast: color, finish, shape... There are numerous options to match your tastes and your driving style. From sober matte black handlebars to shiny chrome, style vintage with a modern look, choose the one that best suits your vehicle and your personality. You can complete this customization with new coating handles or handlebar foam colorful.

Handlebars ends

The handlebars are an essential accessory to protect your handlebars and grips. They are available in a wide variety of colors and styles to add the finishing touch to your custom handlebars.

Handlebar clamps

The handlebar bridges are an accessory that allows you to raise the height of your handlebars for better driving comfort. They also ensure a solid attachment of the handlebars to the steering stem, thus guaranteeing increased safety.

Our quality selection

We have selected a wide range of quality products for you. Whether you are looking for handlebars for motorcycles, scooters, or quads, you will find products suited to your needs in our catalog. They are available in different diameters, lengths and shapes to satisfy a wide variety of riding styles.

Choosing the right handlebars means choosing comfort, safety and driving pleasure. So, don't wait any longer and come and discover our range of quality handlebars!

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