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Cross helmet

Cross helmet

Le motorcycle helmet cross is an essential accessory for any motorcyclist passionate about off-road motorcycles and quads. Like all other types of helmets, its main role is to guarantee the safety of the rider during his off-road escapades. Originally designed for motorcyclescross, they can also be used for leisure: enduro, trialSuper cross, freestyle or quad. These helmets have a more compact chin guard as well as a visor.

Presentation and specifications of the helmet cross

The motorcycle helmet cross is designed specifically for off-road sports, providing rugged protection against impacts, dust and flying debris. Its particularity: a prominent chin guard to protect the face and an elongated visor to protect against mud, debris and the sun. Lightness and ventilation complete the description taking into account the physical expenditure of pilots cross and off-road.

The importance of choosing the right helmet

Reliable head protection is essential when riding a motorcyclecross. Whatever your practice, enduro, cross, trial or quad, this quality equipment must meet safety standards, offer you good comfort and allow optimal ventilation. A motorcycle helmet cross quality can prove to be a real guarantee of safety and performance for the driver.

Motorcycle ridingcross and quad biking is a sporting discipline that presents a number of risks, with high speeds, jumps and uneven terrain. The risk of falling is very high in this discipline. In the event of a fall or accident, there is a high risk of head trauma.

Wear a good helmet cross is essential for your safety. Wearing an approved helmet is mandatory for numerous competitions organized par la FFM. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in fines, legal sanctions and sometimes suspension of license and driving permit.

Quality helmets are designed to be comfortable, even on long rides. Their excellent ventilation accentuates this notion of comfort.

It is very important to check that the interior of the helmet is able to absorb shocks thanks to thick foam or that the shell has sufficient resistance to absorb potential shocks. Some models have a double internal shell in polystyrene in order to mitigate the various impacts (MIPS system).

The essential accessory for your helmet cross

Protective glasses or mask

They protect the eyes against dust, insects and debris while ensuring good visibility. For more information and advice on protective masks, see our guide: Choose your mask wisely.

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