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Inner tube

Inner tube

Whether you drive a motorcycle, scooter or quad, the inner tube is an essential part of your vehicle. Its role in the quality of your driving and the lifespan of your tires is crucial.

If you use tires requiring an inner tube, you will quickly understand that it is essential for riding. Also called trip or tube, it is what ensures the airtightness in your tires. In this article, we offer you a complete guide to understanding, choosing and maintaining this essential element.

Understanding the inner tube

What is this essential component?

This is the element that is inside your tire. It is a circular envelope, made of rubber, which inflates with air and ensures road holding and driving comfort. There are several types of inner tubes, each having their advantages and disadvantages. The particularity of the inner tube is that it can be changed independently of the tire in the event of a puncture.

It has several major roles in the operation of a vehicle. First of all, it helps support the weight of the vehicle and the user by distributing air in a balanced manner in the tire. Then, it ensures good grip on the road by adapting to the different irregularities of the ground. Finally, it greatly contributes to driving comfort by absorbing shocks and vibrations.

The different types of this element

The Schrader or Presta valve model

Made from butyl rubber, the standard inner tube is durable and offers good air retention. It is ideal for everyday use and suitable for all two-wheel disciplines.

The type of valve generally depends on the type of vehicle on which the inner tube is used. The Presta valve, thin and long, is generally used on mopeds for its lightness. The wider and shorter Schrader valve is commonly used on quads, scooters and motorcycles.

Choosing the right size for this essential item

Depending on tire dimensions

Choosing the right chamber size is essential to guarantee good handling and optimal comfort. Its size must correspond to that of the tire. Tire size information is usually found on the sidewall of the tire. These indications indicate the diameter and width of the tire and will help you choose the correct tube.

Tips for making the right choice

It is also important to take into account the type of valve that is compatible with your rim. If you have any doubts about choosing the size, do not hesitate to consult our guide: Tire identification and dimensions.

It must be replaced if it is oxidized car it becomes porous and causes punctures.

It is essential to ensure the compatibility of your inner tube with your tire, but also that the valve adapts correctly to your rim to avoid any inconvenience or order error.


Key Steps for a Successful Installation

To install your inner tube, start par remove the tire. Then, insert it starting par the valve. Replace the tire around the tube without pinching it. Finally, gradually inflate the inner tube to the recommended pressure.

In order to protect and avoid wear and tear on the chamber, it is strongly recommended to install a rim tape. This protects the chamber from friction and heating of the rim when braking and avoids contact between the nut heads of the wheel spokes and the inner tube.

Necessary tools

The tools required for installation are tire changer, or air pump and possibly a manometer to check the pressure.

Precautions to take

Be sure not to pinch the chamber when reassembling. A pinch could create a puncture. It is also important to respect the recommended inflation pressure for your tire, usually indicated on the sidewall of the tire.

Maintenance and repair of this vital element

Puncture prevention

To prevent punctures, it is recommended to check your tire pressure regularly. Too low a pressure can make punctures easier. Additionally, make sure your tires are not damaged or worn, car this can increase the risk of puncture.

How to repair a punctured element

If you have a puncture, it is possible to repair the inner tube using a patch. The patch should be applied to the punctured part after scraping and cleaning the area. A special glue must be applied before installing the patch.

The best brands for optimal performance

There are many quality inner tube brands on the market. Heidenau, Continental, Kenda, Michelin or even Servis, to name just a few, are recognized for their reliability and durability.

Explore the range in our catalog

Presentation of available models

In our catalog we have a wide selection of inner tubes, of different sizes and different brands. Whether you have a moped, a scooter, a motorcycle or a quad, you will find the room that matches your vehicle.

The advantages of our models

Our inner tubes stand outar their high quality, durability and ease of installation. They are suitable for all types of driving and guarantee comfortable and safe driving.

Tips for choosing your model from our catalog

Before choosing your inner tube, make sure you know your tire size and compatible valve type. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or doubts, our advisors will be happy to help you.

Conclusion: the importance of the inner tube in a vehicle

Whether you are a professional or a regular user, the inner tube is an essential element for the proper functioning of your vehicle. Choosing and maintaining it correctly contributes to safer and more enjoyable driving. Don't forget, a good quality and well-maintained inner tube is the guarantee of peaceful and comfortable driving.

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