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50Factory catalog for professionals

Catalog 2021 50Factory

A wide range of spare parts

Each year, we put at your disposal a catalog allowing you to discover all the new parts available on All the categories are presented and many products are highlighted.

A complete and easy-to-use index

Find at the beginning of the catalog a complete index which will allow you to find all your parts very quickly. You can also use the color code of each major category to access the summary of each of them.

Fairing = yellow

Electricity = blue

Motor = red

Cycle part = green

Equipment and workshop = purple

Intuitive tables

Some products are available in large quantities. This is the case for example for tyres and spark plugs. Find all the characteristics of the products for your two wheels.

Real-size brake pads

All brake pads are actual size on our catalog. You just have to dismantle your old model and position it on the catalog to compare the dimensions. A big time saver and a great way to avoid the wrong brake pads!

wide range of parts

Wide range of spare parts.

Complete index 50factory

Complete and precise index.

50 tablesfactory

Intuitive tables.

actual size brake pads

Full size brake pads.

"50FACTORY THE MAG " Magazines

The quarterly magazine "XNUMXFactory the mag " allows you to learn more about new trends and news in the world of two wheels. Find for example "The professional of the month" , an article that highlights a XNUMXFactory partner garage but also all the figures of the scooter and 50cc market.

Also find out on50Factory the mag all XNUMXFactory news (products, expansion, partnership with pilots, etc.). In short, this magazine will allow you to keep up to date with all the news in the world of two wheels!