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Choosing the right hand guards

Accessory already present in series on all-terrain motorcycles, hand guards are democratizing. They fit many two-wheelers. If this fairing option is not to everyone's taste, it nevertheless has many advantages.

Choosing the right hand guards

What are handguards used for?

The hand guard is a very useful motorcycle accessory which protects you from projectiles and bad weather. It also preserves the elements present on the handlebars including the brake lever and the clutch lever.

Indeed, in addition to bringing an aesthetic touch to your motorcycle, hand guards create a very rigid support on the most exposed part of a motorcycle. They guarantee comfort and driving safety.

Attached to the handlebars, they sit close to the rearview mirror and wrap around the rider's fingers, brake and clutch. Although some bikers think that this element is purely decorative, it is a real protective accessory for your hands.

In addition, the hand guard has a windproof effect and can protect you from cold and rain. In case of showers par example, the hand guard deflects the path of the rain. In cold seasons, it serves as a dam to prevent the wind from freezing your hand.

How to choose your handguards?

how to choose hand guards for your two wheels

For every type of motorcycle there is a suitable hand guard.

If you own a motorcyclecross, an open hand guard would be ideal. It protects against sand, mud and the impact of small projectiles on the ground. This model does not hold your hand if you fall.

Other information, if you are going to compete, full hand protection is prohibited.

However, the integral handguard is used a lot for the supermotard in order to preserve the controls on the handlebars in the event of a fall. The structure of the hand guard will slide on the asphalt without damaging the cockpit.

Ready to buy handguards?

Before you start, check your handlebar size.

Do you have a standard 22mm (7/8") diameter handlebar? An aftermarket tapered bar? Or an oversized 28mm (1/1") handlebar?

Although many types of hand guards come with universal mounting systems compatible with standard and larger handlebars, check their suitability before purchasing.

The different brands of hand guards:

The brands that we distribute offer the guarantee of quality, checked and tested hand protectors.

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