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Indispensable element of the secondary transmission, the chain connect the sprocket or pinion to the rear sprocket in order to transmit traction to the rear wheel. It allows a constant gear without slipping, it has a fairly long lifespan and its assembly and maintenance are simple. Roller chains are those used in power transmission for two wheels.

explanation no chain

1 - Measure the width of your link

2 - Measure the pitch of your link

3 - You get the format of your channel

WaistRoller center distanceInner width of the chainType of vehicle
41512.7 mm4.88 mmmoped and vintage xNUMXcc motorcycle
42012.7 mm6.35 mmmotorcycle 50cc
42812.7 mm7.75 mm50cc motorcycle and some 125cc motorcycles
52015.88 mm6.35 mm125cc motorcycle, quad, moto-cross, enduro 250cc, 450cc ...
52515.88 mm7.85 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...
53015.88 mm9.53 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...
53215.88 mm9.53 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...
63019.05 mm9.53 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...
63219.05 mm9.66 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...

Choosing the right transmission chain

Two elements must be taken into account:

- The number of links

- The pitch of the chain which also corresponds to the width of the chain.

There are three main types of chain:

- Standard

- Reinforced

- Reinforced with O-rings (protection against dust and water)

To recognize the length of your chain, count the number of links. Most of the time, the chain pitch is engraved on the chain.

We recommend that when replacing the chain to opt for the complete replacement of the chain kit. Wear on your chain also causes wear on your sprocket and crown. The simultaneous change of parts guarantees you a longer duration. Also remember to choose a quality equivalent or superior to that to be replaced.

Choose one sprocket or pinion smaller, will give you more acceleration but a lower final speed. Choose a rear sprocket smaller will give you more acceleration but a lower final speed.

When closing the channel, you have the choice between the quick coupler and the crimped link. We recommend the quick coupler for smaller engines of 45 horsepower.


To choose your chain correctly, measure the width of the link and the pitch of the link as indicated above and count the links of your old chain.

The maintenance of the chain is the capital element which will determine the duration of this one.

By cleaning and greasing regularly you can greatly increase the duration.

If you need to change the channel, it is strongly recommended that you choose a chain kit. Indeed when replacing the chain you will have to change rear sprocket car using a new chain on an old crown will damage the chain very quickly.

By choosing a chain kit, you will refurbish your transmission. Depending on your way of driving, the chain kit will have a shorter or longer lifespan.

Smooth driving, par opposition to a conduct par Cutting will significantly reduce wear.

Also discover our tutorial on the replacement of the chain kit.

channel 415

415 chain: Old mopeds and 50cc

channel 420

420 chain: 50cc and some 125cc

channel 520

520 chain: motorcyclecross, enduros and quads

Find out more about the chain and the chain kit

When to change your channel

There are several ways to find that the replacement of the chain becomes urgent:

- The chain stretches too often

- You feel abnormal vibrations in the handlebars or footrests

- You manage to pull the chain at the back of the crown

- Crown and pinion teeth have become sharp

hyper reinforced motorcycle chain
blue motorcycle chain
red motorcycle chain

The different types of chains

There are several types of chain:

- The simple chain (mainly used on the 50 and 125 cc)

- The reinforced chain (which as its name suggests is more resistant than the simple one, and is less expensive than the reinforced chain with O-rings)

- The reinforced chain with O-rings (very resistant due to the fact that there are gaskets that protect against dust and water)

Part of wear, the chain is damaged for several reasons:

- Atmospheric, geographical or climatic conditions (example: seaside = rust)

- Lack of chain tension control

- No lubrication

- Driving style

It is recommended to check your channel regularly every 15 days.

maintain your motorcycle chain

Maintain and replace your chain

Before lubricating the chain, it must be cleaned with a special brush, a toothbrush or a brush soaked in chain cleaner. Lubrication means the application of a fat adapted and well distributed over the entire chain. For a better distribution of the grease, we advise you to carry out the lubrication after having driven a little. Remember to clean and lubricate your chain regularly.

We advise you to lubricate and clean your chain before and after each ride. Likewise, after each wash. During this maintenance, remember to also check the chain tension. A chain that is too tight will damage the rear wheel bearings and the gearbox output bearing and the chain itself; refer to the technical review for your vehicle to find out what to do.

The components of a chain kit (chain, pinion and crown wheel) wear out at the same time due to the same stresses undergone. As soon as the teeth of the sprocket or pinion or rear sprocket become sharp, it is time to consider replacement. It happens that the chain does not have a quick coupler, in this case it will be necessary to grind a link or use a chain tool.