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Datasheets of all box engines

Derbi Euro 1, Euro2 and Euro 3

Find here all the information about Derbi different engines. You can easily differentiate between Derbi Euro1, Euro2 and Euro3 engines according to their technical characteristics. Some engines has kick-start, some has self-start and other have both. Ignition systems may also change by engine. Find below the 3 Derbi engine models. Click on the engine of your choice and discover the different variants it could have.

Derbi Euro1 (before 2000)

Derbi Euro2 (2000-2005)

Derbi Euro3 (2006-2017)

AM6 Minarelli (original) and type AM6 (Chinese copy)

Motori Minarelli is an Italian company specialized in the manufacture of motorcycle engines. Regarding the 50cc, Minarelli offers two models: the AM6 Minarelli Euro 1 and Euro 2 with two different types of ignition: Ducati and 12 coils. It is important to understand that the term "Euro" designates the anti-pollution standard (as for Derbi engines). Below (4 and 5 models), the type AM6 engine is from China. This is a true copy of AM6 Minarelli equipped on Chinese motorbikes like the Generic, Hanway , Keeway ... etc.

AM6 Euro 1 (Ducati)

AM6 Euro 2 (Ducati)

AM6 Euro 2 (12 coils)

Generic Type AM6 (Chinese)

CPI (kind AM6)

AM6 Minarelli ignition Beta

AM6 Minarelli ignition HM

FMB and FMB-B 50cc 4 stroke (Chinese)

The 4 stroke 139 FMB and 139 FMB-B engines are more and more present in the 50cc bike market. They are mostly used for motorcycles from Asia. These are sturdy 4 stroke engines that can be found on many brands. The 139 FMB is present on motorcycles 50cm3 Eurocka, Jincheng, Kinroad, Kymco ... The 139 FMB-B engine is very similar but is installed on fewer vehicles. The main difference between these two engines: the 139 FMB is horizontal while the 139 FMB-B is vertical.

139 FMB manual transmission

139 FMB automatic transmission

139 FMB-B

Other 50cc engines

There are other more specific 50cc engines that generally fit on very few models. This is the case for example of two-stroke Beta RK6 and KTM engines, Honda MTX and NSR, Suzuki RMX and SMX, Morini for Gas Gas and some Gilera or the engine for Yamaha DTR and MBK ZX. There is also an automatic type engine for Peugeot XP auto. Find below more details on all these motorcycle 50cc engines .

Suzuki RMX & SMX

Morini (Gilera, Gas Gas...)

Beta RK6

Honda MTX & NSR

Yamaha DTR & MBK ZX auto

Peugeot XP auto

AM5 minarelli