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Belt 4XL820 AMF, Dixon, Labor Hako, MTD, Murray... 12.7x2083 mm Kramp




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Kramp 4XL 820 kevl beltar 2083x12.7 mm

V-belt traction, motor or new cutter adaptable for lawn mower, riding mower, tiller, motor mower, self-propelled brush cutter and other machines in the world of motor farming depending on the dimensions.

It is essential to ensure the type of belt you need before ordering. To do this, simply measure the width, thickness and length of your old belt.

Technical characteristics of the belt

  • Brand: Kramp
  • Model: 4X820
  • Section: 4XL
  • Belt type: smooth
  • Belt material: standard
  • Inscription on the strap: FGP013470

Dimensions given par the manufacturer

  • Length: 2083 mm
  • Width: 12.7 mm
  • Thickness: 8 mm

Dimensions measured par our care (see markers on the standard diagram)

  • A - External belt length: 2085 mm
  • B - Internal belt length: 2031 mm
  • C - Total width of the belt: 100 mm
  • D - Inner width of the belt (trapezoid): 9 mm
  • E - Belt thickness: 100 mm

This belt is equivalent to the original references:
AMF: 141197
DIXON: 5109, 6109
LABOR HAKO: 141197, 47156, 54758
BAT: 754-0226, 7540226
MURRAY: 37x18+23347

AMF: traction for ride-on lawn mowers
AYP: cut for ride-on mowers various models
BERNARD LOISIRS : BL114542STH, BL1542TDH, BL15542SBHK, BL1642, BL16542STH, BL165STHB, BL42TDH, BL1742, BL18STH
BESTGREEN: BM135H107, BM135H107D, BM135H107E, BM135H107F, BM135H107K, BM145H107C, BM155B107HK, BM165H107D, BM185H117C
DIXON: 26, ZRZ 54, ZRZ 312, ZTR 542, ZTR 421, ZTR 422, ZTR 424, ZTR 426, ZTR 427, ZTR 428
HUSQVARNA: PROFLEX 18, PROFLEX 21, R15 T AWD, R316 T, R316 T AWD, R316 Ts AWD, R316 TXs AWD, R318, R320 AWD, R322T AWD, RIDER155, RIDER 155 AWD, RIDER 155 EU, RIDER 15, RIDER 15 AWD, RIDER 15 T, RIDER 15, RIDER 15 AWD, RIDER 15V2S AWD, RIDER16, RIDER18, RIDER 18 AWD, RIDER175, RIDER 175 AWD, RIDER PRO 15, RIDER PRO 18, RIDER PRO 18 AWD GTH264T, LTH125, LTH130, LTH1342, LTH135, LTH140, LTH151, LTH152, LTH1536, LTH1542, LTH1742, LTH1797, LTH1842, LTH180, YTH130, XP YTH135, XP 140, YTH150, XP YTH150E, YTH151, YTH1542, YTH1542, YTH155, XP YTH160, YTH170P, YTH180 XP, YTH180 XP, YTH180, YTH1842, YTH1848 XP, YTH190
JONSERED: FR2216 A, FR2216 A NUMXxNUMX, FR4 FA4, FR2216 FA2xNUMXxNUMX , FR2216 FA, FR2 FA, FR4 FA4, FR2216 FA T2216A2, LT2216A, LT2A, LT4A4, LT2216A2218 , LT4A, LT4A2218, LTH4, LTH4, LTH2218, YTH 2218, YTH4, YTH4
LABOR HAKO: engine for AMF-NOMA ride-on lawn mowers 10hp year 1987 and 12/36"-
MR DIY: MBA165107K
MTD: Traction for Riding Mowers
MURRAY: traction for 16hp 42" ride-on mowers
NOMA: B3554, B3700
PARTNER: P12597H, P145107H
POULAN: 3421H74A, 3421H74, 3421H74B, 9191H99B, 9191H89B, 9209B99, 185H42STA, AG22H42STA, BB24H42T, C185H42STA, C185H42STB, C185H42STC, C18H42 MXSTA, CO24H48STA, DB27H48T, DB155H42A, DPR20H46STA, DPR20H46STB, DPR22H46STA, DPR22H46STB, DPR22H48STA, DPR22H48STB, DPR22H48STC, HDK19HX NUMX, J42AA, PB2118H18LT, PBGT42H26, PC54NUMXH17STA, PD42H185STA, PD42H18STA, PD42H18STB, PD42H20STA, PD42PH20STA, PD42PH20STA, PD48PH20STB, PD48PH20STC, PDX NUMXH48STA, PD22H42STB, PD22H42STC, PD22PH42STA, PD22PH48STB, PD22PH48STC, PD22PH48STD, PD22PH48ST, PD24PH42STA, PD25PH48STB, PD25PH48STD, PD25PH48 STE, PDB25STA, PDC48H18STA, P42H18A, P42H165C, P42H165STA, P42H165STB, P42H165LT, P42H175ST, P42H175STA, P42H175STB, P42H175STA, P42H17STB, P42H17 STA, PPR42H18STC, PR42H17STA, PR42H16STB, PR42H16STA, PR42H17STB, PR42H17STC, PR42H17STA, PR42H185STB, PR42H185STC, PR42H185STD, PR42H185STA, PR42 M20H42STB, PR20H42STC, PR20H42STD, PR20PH42STD, PR20H42STA, PR22PH48STB, PRK25H48STA, PRK17H42STB, Q17H42A, Q165H46B, Q165H46A, Q185H46B, QP185H46STA, QP17 H42STB, QP17H42A, RK20H46STA, S17H42A, S165H42C, S165H42STA, S17H42LT, SP19H42STA, SP185H42STB, SP185H42STA, SP18PH42STA, SP20H48STA, SP22 M42H22STB, SP42NUMXH24T, SP48PH25STA, SP48PH25STB, SP48H25STC, WAX48H17STA, WAX42H20STA, Y42H18D, Y44H18E, Y44H19A, YP42H15A, YP42H15B, YP42H15D, YP42HX NUMXA, YPB17H42A, YPB17H42B, YPQ17H42A, YPQ185H46A, YTH20
TORO: 55620, HMR-1600

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