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Handlebar foam

Handlebar foam

When we talk about the equipment of a motorcycle, a scooter or a quad, a few elements immediately jump to mind: the brakes, the engine, the tires... However, you should not neglect the importance of a component of driving that can sometimes be underestimated: the handlebar foam. This little accessory can make a big difference in comfort, safety and style.

What is it ?

A hollow cylindrical piece of foam that slides onto your handlebars, it is cut to adapt perfectly to the length of your handlebars and especially to its width. It mainly has a protective role. Installed between the handlebars and the rider, it absorbs part of the vibrations generated par driving, and thus relieve the driver's hands and arms. In addition, in the event of a fall, it provides additional protection. In fact, by falling on the foam rather than on the handlebars, the rider is less likely to be injured. It also has an aesthetic role, allowing you to personalize your vehicle according to your color or brand preference.

The different types

For handlebars with bar

The handlebar foam with bar is specially designed to be installed on handlebars equipped with a crossbar. This bar, also called a reinforcement bar, increases the rigidity of the handlebars. The foam therefore sits around this bar. It is usually cylindrical in shape and completes the look vintage a handlebar with bar.

For handlebars without bar

The barless handlebar foam wraps directly around the handlebar tube. Less bulky than the one for handlebars with bar, it still ensures a good level of comfort and protection. It adapts to all handlebars that do not have a reinforcement bar.

Different sizes and colors

It exists in several sizes, from mini to oversize, to adapt to all handlebar diameters. It is also available in many colors to match the aesthetic of each vehicle.

Some brands


Gencod, exclusive brand of 50 Factory, offers handlebar foams with or without bar.


KRM, leader in the two-wheel accessories market, offers a range of foams that are both resistant and comfortable, available in several sizes and colors.

Do not

Do not, specialist in parts for two-wheelers, offers a range of high quality foams, both healthy for the rider's joints and resistant to aging.

Pro Taper

Pro Taper, recognized brand in the world of motorcyclescross, produces state-of-the-art handlebar foams with additional UV resistance.


Brand Scar offers professional quality handlebar foams, often used in competition due to their high resistance to wear and exceptional comfort.


Voca is a brand that offers a variety of foams for all types of two-wheelers, renowned for their design and superior quality.

How to choose foam for handlebars

Selection based on vehicle type

Your choice of foam will mainly depend on the type of vehicle you drive. A sports car will probably require different foam than an off-road motorcycle or quad. The dimensions and diameter of the handlebars will also be factors to consider.

Selection based on driving style

The way you use your vehicle also influences the choice of foam. For sports use, a firmer foam may be preferred to resist impacts. For everyday use in the city, a more comfortable foam may be more appropriate.

Selection based on quality and price

The choice of brand can also be an important factor, knowing that certain brands are recognized for their superior quality. However, you must also consider your budget, knowing that the price can vary considerably from one brand to another.

Advantages and disadvantages of its use

Benefits of use

This accessory offers many advantages. It improves driving comfort by reducing vibrations, protects the rider in the event of a fall, allows you to personalize the look of your vehicle and extends the life of the handlebars by protecting it from shocks and bad weather.

Disadvantages of use

There are few downsides to using handlebar foam. Some users may be disturbedar the volume added to the handlebars, or par the fact that the foam, if not correctly installed, can slip or rotate around the handlebars. Some may also find that the aesthetics of the foam do not match that of their vehicle.

Handlebar foam at 50 factory

Presentation of available foams

You will find a wide range of foams to meet all your needs and preferences. We offer foams from all the main brands, in different diameters, colors and materials. Whether your vehicle is a motorcycle, scooter or quad, you will find the foam that suits your handlebars with us.

Advantages of our company's foams

All our foams are selected for their quality and durability. They are tested to withstand the harshest conditions and are designed to provide excellent comfort and optimal protection. In addition, thanks to our large selection of colors and sizes, you can personalize your vehicle according to your wishes. Another advantage is that we offer excellent customer service to help you choose the right handlebar foam for your needs and your budget.

In short, handlebar foam is an essential accessory for any two-wheeled vehicle. It improves driving comfort,force safety and gives style to your vehicle. Don't wait any longer, discover our selection of handlebar foams and find the one that perfectly suits your vehicle and your driving style!

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