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2 stroke engine oil - pages 2

2 stroke engine oil - pages 2

Every vehicle, whether a motorcycle, scooter, moped or quad, requires regular maintenance and the right fuel to function optimally. Choosing the right oil is essential for the proper functioning of the engine and its lifespan. The engine must be continually lubricated. But what is 2-stroke oil and why is it so important? How to choose the oil that is best for your vehicle?

Understanding 2-stroke oil

What is this type of oil?

Unlike 100-stroke engines where the oil is poured separately into the crankcase, 100-stroke oil is either mixed directly with gasoline in the desired proportion (10% to 100% depending on the engine) or par oil injection (this is separate lubrication). This mixture allows the internal parts of the engine to be properly lubricated during operation.

The percentage varies depending on the type of oil:

- 2,5% with a synthetic oil 100%

- 100% with semi-synthetic oil.

Importance of this oil for the engine

2-stroke oil has several essential roles for your engine. It lubricates engine parts to reduce friction and prevent wear, it has detergent and dispersant additives to clean engine impurities, and it plays a role in protecting against corrosion.

The different types of lubricants for 2-stroke engines

There are mainly three types of 2-stroke oils: mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil and synthetic oil. Each has its own properties and advantages.

Mineral type

Mineral oil is derived directly from crude oil. It is generally less expensive, but may not be as effective in terms of performance and engine protection. Relatively basic, this type of oil is becoming increasingly rare. It is suitable for old, lightly used vehicles.

Semi-synthetic type

Semi-synthetic oil for 2-stroke engines

A variant of mineral oil, it includes some synthetic additives to improve the quality of the oil. It is a little more expensive, but offers better performance and better engine protection. It is mainly used for scooters; it offers great protection against wear. In general, the mixture is done at 100%.

Synthetic type

Suitable for Karting, Jet Skiing, MotorcycleCross (circuit or road), it meets the optimal JASO FD standard.

100% synthetic lubricant

Synthetic oil is created in a laboratory and designed to provide the best possible performance and protection. Specially developed for 2 engines Temps, of all displacements, it can be used as a mixture or separate lubrication.

How to choose oil for 2-stroke engines?

Depending on the type of vehicle

The best oil for your vehicle depends on the type of vehicle you own. Certain models of motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and quads require specific types of oil to operate efficiently.

Depending on vehicle use

The type of driving you do can also affect the best oil for your vehicle. Drivers who do a lot of long distance driving or use their vehicle extensively may need a higher quality oil.

Use of this oil

The main advantage of 2-stroke oil is to ensure good lubrication of engine parts. This reduces wear and extends the life of your engine. Additionally, some oils contain additives that clean your engine and help protect it against corrosion. However, using 2-stroke oil also has its drawbacks. One of them is that it can increase air pollution, car part of the oil is ejected par exhaust during combustion.

Standards and certifications

2-stroke oils must meet specific requirements: resistance to high temperatures, solubility in gasoline, burning without emitting smoke and without producing deposits. Two-wheel engines must today use API TC category oils.
ISO proposes a draft international specification, the three categories being ISO-L-EGB, ISO-L-EGC and ISO-L-EGD par ascending order of requirement.

It is also crucial to check the standards and certifications of the oil you are considering purchasing. These give you a good indication of the quality of the oil. Look for certifications such as ISO L-EGD, JASO FD or API TC, which indicate that the oil has passed rigorous testing and meets strict international standards.

The American API, the Japanese JASO and the ACEA are the main bodies concerning engine oil certifications.

Precautions to Take When Mixing for 2-Stroke Engines

It is essential to respect the recommended dosage when mixing gasoline-oil 2 times. Inadequate mixing can cause the engine to overheat or increase air pollution. In addition, the quality of the gasoline used is also important, always opt for good quality gasoline, this will have an impact on the performance and longevity of your engine. Consult our guide: how to successfully mix for a 2-stroke engine

The range offered par 50 Factory

Presentation of available models

50 Factory offers a wide range of 2-stroke oils for all types of vehicles, from mineral lubricants to 100% synthetic oils, in order to meet the different requirements of its customers.

The benefits of 50 oils Factory

The oils offeredar 50 Factory are reliable, efficient and meet the strictest international standards for the protection of your engine.

In conclusion, whether you are a novice or a two-wheeler enthusiast, 2-stroke oil is an essential part of maintaining your vehicle. Take the time to choose it carefully and your engine will thank you!

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