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Full face helmet

Full face helmet

The full-face helmet is essential equipment for any motorcyclist. It offers optimal protection against shocks and possible debris present on the road. It is one of the most popular types of headphones car the latter can adapt to the majority of motorcycle types and driving styles. This is why, today, we are going to show you this equipment.

Presentation and advantages of the full face helmet

The primary role of the full-face helmet is to protect your head and face in the event of a fall. Thanks to its enveloping shape, it completely covers your head, chin and jaw, ensuring complete protection against injuries as well as excellent impact resistance. In fact, during a fall, the energy of the impact is distributed across the entire helmet shell, thus reducing the risk of injury. In addition, this helmet offers good protection against bad weather.

This type of helmet also has a ventilation system and anti-fog equipment, making it a model that can be worn in all seasons. Equipped with a long and folding screen, the integral is always delivered with a colorless treated screen anti-scratch, antifog and sometimes anti-UV, meeting CE approval. For several years, the Pinlock (anti-fog film) has won over countless motorcyclists. It allows you to ride without fogging even with an outside temperature of 30°. To remain effective, the Pinlock must be replaced every year.
Please note, all visors with "anti-fog treatment" will not protect you from it once the helmet is closed, as it is a simple treatment, the latter cannot be as effective as a Pinlock.

It also provides an optimal driving experience. Thanks to sound insulation, it allows motorcycle drivers to fully concentrate on their journey, without being disturbed byar external noise, whether from surrounding traffic or wind. Finally, with the multitude of brands, models and designs available, every motorcyclist can find the full face helmet that perfectly matches their motorcycle and riding style.

Criteria to consider when purchasing


To ensure optimal protection and comfort on your motorcycle or scooter, it is essential that a full-face helmet fits your head perfectly. The correct size can be determined by accurately measuring the circumference of your head at forehead level.

The material

Full face helmets can be made from materials such as polycarbonate, fiberglass or carbon. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages in terms of weight, impact resistance and price.

Thus, polycarbonate full-face helmets have the advantage of being more affordable, thus satisfying the budgets the most restricted. However, although cheaper, they have less durability compared to fiberglass helmets, which are much more resistant. The latter also have the advantage of being lighter, thus improving comfort during long or intense journeys. Carbon helmets, for their part, are the benchmark in terms of strength and lightness, although their price is higher.

The type of integral

Each full face helmet model has its own characteristics and style. However, we can still distinguish 50 main families of helmets adapted to the driving of motorcyclists:

  • Road/Touring: the most common and the most adaptable. As its name suggests, it is designed primarily for road use. You can add a large number of additional accessories and features.
  • "Trail"(Crossover or Adventure): similar to the road model, it also adds some elements from the off-road world. On this type of model, you can find a wide field of vision as well as an anti-stone cap.
  • Athletic : a model focusing mainly on performance, unlike the road model which focuses more on user comfort. So, sports models are lighter. However, they have very little equipment (sunscreen etc.) and are much noisier.

The inside of the helmet

In addition to the shape of the shell, it is especially the interior cover which affects the comfort of the it is directly in contact with the skin. The quality of the fabrics as well as their natural properties and the treatments applied to them (anti-perspirant, antibacterial, etc.) play a big role. It is important to check that the cap can be removed so that the foams can be cleaned from time to time.

The ventilation system

Adequate ventilation is essential for a full face helmet. This not only helps prevent profuse sweating while driving in summer, but also prevents fogging in winter. The ventilation mechanism of a full-face helmet consists of two parts: air inlets to regulate outside air and air extractors to evacuate hot air. It is best to choose helmets with vents that can be closed. Additionally, it is recommended to try handling the different mechanisms with your gloves on to verify that you can do so while driving if necessary.

Be careful though, the more air outlets there are on a helmet, the noisier it will be. It is then up to you to decide what you want to prioritize between noise reduction and a more efficient ventilation system when choosing your helmet.

Helmet approval

It is imperative to check that the helmet complies with the safety standards in force in your country. Full-face helmets are approved like jet and modular helmets and subject to the standard 22-06 and bear the approval notice P on the label.

Essential accessories

To optimize the use of your full-face helmet, there are plenty of accessories you can purchase. Among these, the helmet cover is a must. Not only does it protect your headset from scratches, but also from dust and moisture when not in use. Also don't forget the reflective stripes, obligatory for riding a motorcycle in France.

How to properly maintain and clean a full-face helmet to ensure its durability?

To properly maintain and clean a full face helmet, it is recommended to regularly clean the outer shell with a soft cloth and a mild cleaning solution. For the interior of the helmet, most models have removable cheeks and foams that can be washed by hand or in the machine according to the manufacturer's recommendations. You can find our range of maintenance products for full-face helmets You can consult it by clicking here..

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