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Fuel filter

Fuel filter

Maintaining your two-wheeler is essential to ensure its proper functioning and durability. A crucial component in this process is the oil filter. It plays a major role in the optimal functioning of your vehicle and should not be neglected. A clogged filter is often one of the first causes of breakdowns when starting a vehicle. Find our guide: How to choose the right fuel filter.

Understanding the Fuel Filter

Essential element of your engine

An essential component of your vehicle's fuel system, its main function is to filter impurities and particles present in the fuel before it reaches the engine. This helps protect the engine from wear and ensure optimal operation.

Its role in a vehicle

By filtering the fuel, it prevents impurities, such as rust, tar and dust, from entering the fuel system and potentially damaging the engine. A clean and functional filter optimizes engine performance, improves fuel consumption.

Generally, it is recommended to replace it every 10,000 miles to 1,000,000 miles, but this may vary depending on your vehicle and usage. If you notice a drop in engine performance, excessive fuel consumption, or difficulty starting, this could indicate that the fuel filter needs to be replaced.

The different types of filters

Gasoline models

There are two main types of fuel filters: in-line filters and filters integrated into the fuel pump. The choice of filter usually depends on the vehicle type and the manufacturer's specifications.

Model integrated into the fuel pump

Some models are equipped with a filter that is integrated into the fuel pump. These are typically one-life units that are only replaced when the fuel pump is replaced.

In-line fuel filter

In-line fuel filters are installed on the fuel supply pipe, outside the tank. They are generally easy to replace and should be replaced at regular intervals to ensure optimal operation.

Sock filter

The sock filter is a type of fuel filter that is mainly used in off-road motorcycle tanks (cross, enduro and trail). It is designed to filter impurities before the fuel reaches the fuel pump.

Signs of a defective or dirty element

Recognizing a clogged filter

A clogged or defective filter can cause several problems, including reduced engine performance, excessive fuel consumption, or difficulty starting.

Consequences of a defective element

A faulty or not replaced filter can lead to a series of serious problems, such as engine overheating, injection system failure, or even complete engine failure. Worst case scenario, it could cost you an expensive engine repair.

Choose your filter

Criteria to take into account when purchasing

Purchasing a filter must consider several factors. First make sure the filter is compatible with your vehicle model. It is also important to choose a good quality fuel filter to ensure effective filtration and extend the life of your engine.

The inlet and outlet diameter of the filter as well as the shapes of the inlet and outlet pipes are also criteria to consider during your purchase.

The importance of a quality element

Using a quality fuel filter can improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency, extend engine life, and reduce the risk of a serious breakdown. Better quality filters prevent engine wear by trapping smaller particles and providing more efficient filtration.

Presentation of the models available in our catalog

Our catalog offers a wide selection of fuel filters to meet all needs and budgets. We offer fuel filters for all brands and types of two-wheelers and quads. The compatibility of each filter is indicated for each reference.

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Our wide range of products, competitive prices, quality customer service and timely delivery have made us a leader in the sale of two-wheeler spare parts. All of our fuel filters are manufactured to high quality standards, designed for optimal filtration and maximum durability.

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