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How to choose the right battery for motorcycles and scooters?

In order to choose your battery correctly, we invite you to measure the length, width and height of the model installed on your two wheels. You can of course count a margin of a few centimeters (example: select 110mm if your model is 112mm). We offer 3 types of batteries: gel, lithium and acid without maintenance.

motorcycle scooter batteries dimensions

Use our tool to find the right battery for your two-wheeler:

Select the length (A), the width (B) then the height (C) of your battery below.

The essentials when choosing a new battery

The battery is a major safety organ, so do not neglect it. You will find here many types of batteries for your scooter or your bike as par example the gel battery (maintenance free), the acid battery (maintenance free, in accordance with the new legislation) or the new lithium batteries. You will also find on our site testers for the good maintenance of your battery. We provide you with this document to help you find the ideal battery for your machine. Take measurements of your old model to find your new part quickly!

As a first step, it is important to remember that each battery is sized epar the vehicle manufacturer according to the engine and its electricity consumption. It is essential to take this into account when replacing your battery and to respect certain constraints: You must choose a battery with the equivalent amperage and the equivalent dimensions of your original battery.

The different battery technologies

Lithium batteries

Recently appeared for the general public, lithium batteries are already on the rise despite being much more expensive than standard batteries. We will describe the various advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries. Let us remind you that the purpose of a battery is to produce the electrical energy necessary for starting. We are in a context in which our motorcycles and scooters have a growing need for energy and lithium totally corresponds to this development. It will indeed make it possible to generate a large amount of energy. In addition, these batteries are much lighter (three times lighter than a lead acid battery), which will suit all riders who want to make their motorcycle as light as possible. Lithium batteries also have a much longer energy storage life, they can last up to 180 days of charge without any use! They are also relatively easier to recycle than lead-based batteries. However, they also have certain drawbacks. In a period of high heat you will have no problem starting up, but during a period of extreme cold (from minus 10 degrees) starting will be more complicated ©, even after several attempts. We can also note that a leak, a bad assembly or a badly placed fall can cause real catastrophes on this kind of battery by causing spontaneous combustion! Discover our range of lithium batteries.

Battery Lithium motor scooter

Acid (lead) batteries

Acid (lead) batteries are the oldest. They are easily identifiable by their filling caps on the top. They require regular maintenance, simple but quite restrictive. The new legislation no longer allows the sale of batteries with maintenance. Acid batteries will all be sealed, ready-to-use batteries. They are very affordable financially, much cheaper than lithium example, that's why they are still popular. In the event of a breakdown, only professionals are authorized to intervene on your battery. Discover our range of maintenance-free acid batteries.

Motorcycle scooter acid battery

Gel batteries

Arrived later than acid batteries, gel batteries are actually a derivative of them. The acid present in these batteries is indeed frozen par the addition of a gel which allows them to be waterproof, so they do not need to be maintained and have a reinforced security epar compared to conventional acid batteries because they give off very little hydrogen. These batteries are also able to withstand discharges up to 100% and then regain their nominal capacity. They have a very good lifespan due to their very high number of cycles. However, gel batteries also face a few drawbacks. They cannot withstand very high charge speeds due to their internal resistance, so they recharge slowly. The charge parameters must be followed precisely in order not to reduce the battery life. As with conventional acid batteries, gel batteries do not withstand temperature rises very well, beyond 20 degrees we can start to feel the negative effects of heat on the battery. . You will also need to get a suitable temperature regulator to compensate for temperature variations on the battery to avoid damaging it. Discover our range of gel batteries.

Motorcycle scooter gel battery

Top selling motorcycle and scooter batteries

Gel battery YTX4L-BS


Gel battery YTX4L-BS 12v


YTX7A-BS acid battery


Motorcycle scooter lithium battery



To choose the correct battery for your vehicle, here are the most important points:

- Measure the dimensions of your current battery

- Choose the same amperage

- Pay attention to the location of your battery (the + and the - on the same side as your current battery)