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Universal turn signals SX Black




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Direction indicator lights SX black universal motorcycle, scooter, quad

Set of direction lights right and left nine adaptable for motorcycle, moped, scooter, quad, buggy 50cc, 125cc and other displacements. This kit of two flashing lights is adaptable, depending on the model it may be necessary to adapt the attachment and modify the connection lugs to your beam. They can be mounted on the front or the back.


  • 1 x flashing right
  • 1 x flashing left

Technical characteristics and dimensions

  • Brand: generic
  • Type: bulb
  • Supplied with BA15S bulb.
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power: 10W
  • Body color: black
  • Cabochon color: transparent
  • Total length of a turn signal: 115 mm
  • Width of a turn signal: 52 mm
  • Thread diameter: 8 mm
  • No 1.25 thread

More details on direction indicators SX black universal for motorcycle 50, 125, scooter, moped, quad...

blinking leds motorcycle 50cc SX Blackflashing connection sx black

The connections of flashing bulbs SX Black are easily done using two threads. To fix the indicators, equip yourself with a 13 Flat Key. If your turn signals are a little hidden behind your headlight plate, you can use a washer or a nut to make a type of "wedge" and make your flashers completely visible.

Connection: - If your wiring harness has two round lugs (like the left side of the right picture above), you'll just have to plug your lugs (wire - on wire -, and wire + on + wire). Be careful, the colors of the wires vary depending on the model.

- If your beam does not have round lugs, it will be necessary to adapt your connection (see picture on the right above). To get yourself armed 2 pin connector and a needle-nose plier.

Find below the tutorial that will help you change its front face (headlight plate, mudguard, indicators).

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