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Exhaust pipe

Exhaust pipe

Le exhaust, essential for the proper functioning of a two-wheeled vehicle or a quad, guarantees optimal performance while respecting environmental standards. It is one of the most important parts of your machine. Indeed, it allows both to improve its performance but also to give it a particular look.

What is it ?

The muffler is a component of the exhaust system of a motor vehicle. Its main function is to evacuate burnt gases and vapors generated par the engine as far as possible from the intake, while reducing their harmful effects on the environment. It also helps reduce the noise generated par the engine and improves the performance of the machine.

It consists of several parts:

  • Le relaxation pot : it collects the burnt gases to expand them in order to cool them and stabilize the pressure.

  • Le catalyst : it serves to reduce polluting emissions caused par the exhaust by filtering them. It is necessary to have road approval.

  • Le silencer : as its name indicates, it reduces the noise caused byar engine. Here again, the presence of the silencer is essential to avoid being fined for excessive noise.

Its operation

The exhaust collects burnt gases from engine combustion. These gases are then cooled and their pressure is lowered in the expansion pot, then are filtered par the catalyst before being evacuated to the outside via the silencer.

It is important that the exhaust matches the cylinders of your vehicle. If this is not the case, the engine may consume more and make more noise or, conversely, lack power.

For more details, you can consult our guide “Understand how an exhaust line works”.

The different types of exhaust pipes

For 50cc motorcycles

50cc motorcycles can be equipped with high or low passage exhaust pipes. The choice depends on how you use your vehicle.

High passage pot

The high passage muffler is recommended for off-road mécaboîte models, cross, enduro. Indeed, due to their position in the motorcycle, they are protected from impacts in the event of a fall and from stones. Plus, it offers a bit more acceleration than the low shift.

Low passage pot

The low passage exhaust is preferred for road travel more exposed to shocks, being placed under the motorcycle. It offers better performance at high revs.

For scooters

Scooter exhausts are generally similar, they are placed under the scooter. On the original models, the pot is limited to 45 km/h. Several types of exhaust exist for scooters: the original type, more economical, and the tuning type, which can be available in several ranges: Sport, Racing et Hyper Racing.

For mopeds

As with scooters, there are several types of pots: original type ou racing, to increase performance. Cobra, serpentin, pump, many shapes exist to personalize your moped.

For quads

For quads, as for scooters, the exhaust pipes are quite similar. The choice of pot depends on how you use your quad.

The importance of approval

To be used on public roads, exhaust pipes must meet certain standards, particularly in terms of noise level and reduction of polluting emissions. However, you can use a non-approved model if you do track racing or off-road competitions.

How to choose your exhaust

Selection criteria


The exhaust you choose must be suitable for your vehicle. The make, model, engine type and cylinder capacity of your two-wheeler or quad determine the type of exhaust that is compatible.

The material

The material of the pot influences its weight, corrosion resistance and lifespan. They can be made of steel, stainless steel, titanium, or carbon. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Steel : robust and more economical but heavier. It is also the material that deteriorates most quickly.

  • stainless : the most economical solution if you are looking for an exhaust that lasts over time. Stainless steel is a variant of steel, more resistant to corrosion.

  • Carbon : lighter and more aesthetic but more expensive and degrades more easily due to heat.

  • Titanium : 40% lighter than steel and stronger than carbon but more expensive and conducts heat better (be careful of burns!).

Impact on vehicle performance

Changing the exhaust can have an impact on the performance of your vehicle, whether in terms of weight, engine power or simply the sound the vehicle.

Vehicle use

Your driving style and the use you will have of your vehicle are also important criteria to take into account when choosing. In fact, some exhausts are approved for competition only while others are approved for the road.

Maintenance and repair

Maintenance actions

The exhaust requires regular maintenance. For this, a deep cleaning is recommended. This helps remove residue and soot that can affect the proper functioning of your vehicle. Regular checking of the condition of the exhaust is also necessary.

Signs of a faulty exhaust

When an exhaust shows signs of wear or damage, it is generally recommended to replace it. Some of the most common signs include a decrease in vehicle performance, abnormal noise, increased fuel consumption, or unusual coloring of the pot.

How to change it

Replacing an exhaust pipe involves several steps: dismantling the old pipe, installing the new one and carrying out safety checks. It is recommended to entrust this operation to a professional to avoid any risk.

For more information, you can consult our tutorials on how to change your exhaust for motion 50cc, scooter et moped.

The brands offered par 50 Factory

Presentation of available brands

50 Factory offers a wide range of exhausts suitable for all types of vehicles. Among the most popular are Yasuni, LeoVince, Doppler et Polini. Newer brands like Bud Racing, Voca, SCR Corse ou Gencod are also offered, allowing you to select the exhaust that best meets your needs and your budget.

Many exhausts are available for 50cc box motorcycles, 125cm3, scooters, quads and mopeds: Derbi Senda and DRD, Aprilia RX and SX, Gilera SMT, Rieju MRT, KTM Duke, Honda CBR, Piaggio Zip, Kymco Maxxer, MBK Booster, Yamaha Grizzly, Peugeot 103 etc

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