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How to become an 50Factory partner?

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Who can become an 50 Factory partner?

50 Factory supports throughout the year a certain number of two wheels enthusiasts who wish to develop an active community on their different social networks.

We support different pilots providing them with equipment and allowing them to practice their passion as they wish!

We are also involved alongside various events (gatherings, festivals, etc.) in order to provide them with marketing and communication support and material.

Different kinds of partnerships

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Social influencers

You have a project on a two-wheeler and you want to be helped in its development on social networks? 50 Factory accompanies enthusiasts in the realization of their project by offering them to become brand ambassadors. We are therefore committed to providing them with the parts and equipment they need, communication supports Factory (stickers, key rings, pens, banners...), we can also organize competitions with them to offer gifts to their subscribers, or invite them to events. In summary, we are listening to the proposals made par our sponsored and respond to them as much as possible. How to be in partnership with 50 Factory ? Our goal is to provide the best possible support to the people with whom we have a contract, par Consequently, we limit the number of ambassadors to avoid spreading out and therefore to focus on the few partnerships that we are setting up. To apply for sponsorship this is what you need:

- Have an account dedicated to your project on social networks

- Have a serious project with a long-term development objective

- Record several thousand followers on social networks (example: more than 5000 followers on Instagram)

- Be serious and professional. If we work with you, you represent 50 Factory. This therefore commits you to being respectful and professional.

If you meet all these criteria then you can send us a request in private message directly on our social networks by giving us the link of your Instagram accounts, Facebook, Youtube... We study all requests and take the time to respond. Unfortunately we cannot help everyone, we have to make a choice in order to be able to focus on our partners as well as possible.

The pilots

We are aware that mechanical sports are expensive disciplines. Par therefore we are committed to supporting pilots in their discipline by becoming their supplier of lubricants thanks to our brand GENCOD. These oils are already used regularly in several universes, in trial by Nicolas MAFFEO, on a motorcyclecross by Yoann SÃ ‰ MILLÃ ‰. These partnerships remain only within the framework of the brand GENCOD, these pilots are therefore ambassadors of this brand and not of 50 Factory. Beyond the oil needs, we also supply all the products GENCOD which pilots may need (environmental mat, stickers, T-shirt, approved jacket, goodies ...).

To request a partnership contact us directly on our social networks or par mail to [email protected] by sending us a presentation, your background, your goals, photos / videos, and if you have: a press kit. We study all requests and do our best to respond to all of them.

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The events

Organizing an event is always a complicated undertaking, both in terms of costs and time. We therefore support certain events in their implementation in different universes (Stunt, Motorbikecross, Rassemblements, Endurances mob, Festivals ...) to continue to see them develop and bring our common passion to life. Par Consequently, we can provide you with material and communication support to enable you to manage your organization more serenely. We can provide you with: banners, rubalise, stickers, key rings, tote bags, prizes for a competition or for the winners of the competition ... It is also possible to set up other communication actions in discussions with you, such as par example the distribution of flyers of your event in our very large packages each month. We can adapt to best meet your needs and help you in the most relevant way possible.

To request a partnership for your event, contact us directly on our social networks or par mail to [email protected] by sending us a detailed presentation, photos / videos, your needs and we will answer you as soon as possible to see with you how we can support your event.