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420 chain quick coupler




Delivery possible from Wednesday 26 June

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420 chain split link for motorbikes and quads

New transmission chain quick mesh adaptable for motorcycle, scooter, quad, buggy 50cc, 125cc...

Technical characteristics and dimensions of the fastener

  • Brand: generic
  • Drive train type: 420
  • Quick mesh color: golden or black depending on arrivals

For mounting a chain with quick release, multi-grip pliers and possibly a flat screwdriver will suffice. If you need to shorten it then you will need a chain tool. To avoid this, remember to count the number of links necessary to order the correct length.

A chain is made up of different links, or links, and can be of different widths. It is essential to check the type of secondary transmission which you need before order. All the parts of the kit, namely the pinion, the chain and the crown, must imperatively be same type (not).

WaistRoller center distanceInner width of the chainType of vehicle
41512.7 mm4.88 mmmoped and vintage xNUMXcc motorcycle
42012.7 mm6.35 mmmotorcycle 50cc
42812.7 mm7.75 mm50cc motorcycle and some 125cc motorcycles
52015.88 mm6.35 mm125cc motorcycle, quad, moto-cross, enduro 250cc, 450cc ...
52515.88 mm7.85 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...
53015.88 mm9.53 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...
53215.88 mm9.53 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...
63019.05 mm9.53 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...
63219.05 mm9.66 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...

All about the different types of transmission.

More details on the 420 chain quick release

chain quick coupler 50ccmotorcycle chain split link 50

To properly install your chain quick coupler we advise you to use a pliers. As in the photo on the right above, you will notice that you must install the quick release in the following way: the "unopened" part of the quick release must always be in the direction of rotation of the chain not.

This piece is mounted on all channels in 420. Also find Chain split link 420 reinforced as well as chain quick couplers in 428.

All chains in 420 are available on our website.

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