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Role of the motorcycle chain

The motorcycle chain is a set of metal links, arranged in series and interconnected, which plays a significant role in the transmission mechanism of your two-wheeler. It is responsible for transmitting the movement of the engine to the rear wheel of your motorcycle, allowing you to move.

The main component of the transmission system, the role of the motorcycle chain is to transfer the movement generated par the engine towards the rear wheel of the motorcycle. It is this movement that turns the wheels and propulse the motorcycle forward. Without a motorcycle chain in good condition, your vehicle would be virtually unusable.

The different existing types

The standard model

The standard or single chain model is most commonly used. It is a simple and effective chain. This model is generally used on small displacement motorcycles or old motorcycles.

The reinforced O-ring model

The reinforced model is designed to withstand much greater stress. The chain links are reinforced to withstand the demands of a powerful engine. This type of chain is generally used for large displacement motorcycles. This O-ring model is specially designed for heavy-duty use and offers increased durability. Par Compared to other types of chains, this one is equipped with O-rings that help keep grease inside the links, allowing constant lubrication and minimizing wear. This type of chain is particularly recommended for road motorcycles and racing motorcycles.

There are various categories of O-rings. The O'Rings were the first to be released on the market. The joint gets its name from its shape. Other types have also appeared in recent years, the X'Ring and the W'Ring.

When replacing a chain, it is essential to make a thorough comparison of the different chain models available. One O'Ring chain is incomparable to another. There are O'Ring chains that are not suitable at all for certain high-performance machines. It is also crucial to research carefully before making your decision! A proper O'Ring chain will ensure increased life. On the other hand, the O-ring does not improve performance, on the contrary. Light friction of the joint even tends to reduce the results.

How to choose the right model

A chain is made up of different meshes or links, and can be of different widths. It is essential to check the type of secondary transmission which you need before order. All the parts of the kit, namely the pinion, the chain and the crown, must imperatively be same type (not).

WaistRoller center distanceInner width of the chainType of vehicle
41512.7 mm4.88 mmmoped and vintage xNUMXcc motorcycle
42012.7 mm6.35 mmmotorcycle 50cc
42812.7 mm7.75 mm50cc motorcycle and some 125cc motorcycles
52015.88 mm6.35 mm125cc motorcycle, quad, moto-cross, enduro 250cc, 450cc ...
52515.88 mm7.85 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...
53015.88 mm9.53 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...
53215.88 mm9.53 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...
63019.05 mm9.53 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...
63219.05 mm9.66 mmlarge displacement motorcycle (big cube), kart-cross, quad ...

Selection according to the number of links

The size of a string is determined par the number of links. To choose the right size, simply count the number of links on your old chain or refer to your motorcycle's service manual.

Selection according to step

The pitch is the distance between the links of the chain. This is an essential factor to consider when choosing a channel, car A chain with the wrong pitch may not fit your motorcycle properly.

Selection based on the type of two-wheeler

Depending on the type of two-wheeler you own, the choice of chain may vary. Indeed, a motorcycle chain cross will not necessarily have the same characteristics as a road motorcycle chain. It is important to inform yourself and seek advice from professionals before making your choice.

Maintenance of this essential part

When and how to grease it?

The transmission chain must be lubricated regularly to ensure its proper functioning and durability. In general, it is recommended to lubricate it every 500 to 1 kilometers, or even more often if you drive par humid or dusty weather. To do this, you can use a spray of specific grease for chains, and make sure to distribute it well over all the links. Consult our guide: How to properly maintain your chain?

Identify signs of wear

It is important to regularly check the condition of your drive chain for signs of wear. These may include stiffened links, uneven tension, or the presence of rust. If you notice any of these signs, it's probably time to replace your chain.

When should it be replaced?

It is generally recommended to replace the motorcycle chain every 20 to 000 kilometers, depending on how much you use your two-wheeler. However, if you notice signs of advanced wear, it may need to be replaced sooner.

Effect of chain on motorcycle performance

Tension: a key factor

Proper chain tension is essential to the performance of your motorcycle. Indeed, a chain that is too tight or too loose can affect the transmission of power from the engine to the wheels and can cause damage to the engine or transmission. It is therefore important to regularly check the tension of your chain and adjust it if necessary.

Impact on transmission

As mentioned previously, the motorcycle chain has a significant impact on the transmission. A well-maintained chain ensures smooth and efficient transmission of power to the rear wheel, keeping your motorcycle responsive and efficient.

Specific tools for its maintenance

Specific grease

La chain grease is a product that all motorcyclists should have in their maintenance kit. It helps lubricate and protect the chain from corrosion, thus preventing premature wear and extending its lifespan.

The chain tool

Essential tool for replacing motorcycle chain, chain tool allows you to rivet and remove chain links with precision and ease.

The tensioner

Le chain tensioner is a device that allows you to adjust the tension of your chain. Easy to use, it is a valuable ally for the maintenance of your motorcycle chain.

Specific maintenance for certain types of motorcycles

Motorcycle model

For standard motorcycle chain maintenance, it is important to follow the motorcycle manufacturer's specifications. This includes selecting the correct size and type of chain, maintaining the correct tension, as well as regularly lubricating it with the correct grease.

Motorcycle model cross

The motorcycle chainscross require special maintenance due to their use in difficult conditions. In addition to regular lubrication, they should be cleaned after each ride to remove debris and mud that can build up and cause premature wear.

In short, the motorcycle chain is a component that contributes to the excellent performance of your motorcycle. Its judicious selection, regular maintenance, and timely replacement are of great benefit to you. At 50 Factory, we are here to help you take care of your motorcycle chain and to offer you the best products and advice for its maintenance.

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