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Channel expander

Channel expander

The track wideners are popular accessories for quad owners. Offering many advantages, particularly in terms of stability and look, these parts can also have some disadvantages. In this article we will give you a complete overview of wheel spacers, what they are for, why and when to use them, how to choose them and install them on your vehicle. We will also present to you the range of track wideners available at 50 Factory.

Role of track wideners

It is an accessory that is placed between the wheel hub and the rim of your vehicle. Its main function is to increase the track of your vehicle, that is to say the spacing between the left and right wheels.

This additional spacing allows for better load distribution, thus improving the stability and handling of your vehicle. Fitting track spacers is also a way to improve the look of your vehicle, giving it a more aggressive and sporty appearance.

The benefits of using them

Improved stability and handling

Thanks to the additional spacing they provide, they improve the stability of your vehicle - especially in curves - by widening its support base. This change can also improve handling, by increasing the contact surface between the tires and the road.

Vehicle aesthetics and fitting of wider rims

Installing track spacers can also have a positive impact on the aesthetic appearance of your quad. Indeed, thanks to the widening of the track, the rims and tires are more visible, giving a more aggressive appearance.

Additionally, their use allows you to fit wider rims, providing even more options to personalize the appearance of your vehicle.

Potential disadvantages of these accessories

Premature tire wear and increased fuel consumption

However, the use of track wideners can also have some disadvantages. Firstly, they can cause premature wear of your tires, due to the increased contact patch between the tires and the road. Additionally, increased rolling resistance can also lead to slightly increased fuel consumption.

Difficulty maneuvering in tight spaces

Finally, while widening the track improves the stability of your vehicle, it can also make maneuvering in tight spaces a little more difficult. So, if you use your vehicle in the city, you may need to consider this aspect when selecting your wheel spacers.

How to choose the right model for your vehicle

Choose based on the size and model of your vehicle

The choice must above all be based on the size and model of your vehicle. Be sure to choose wheel spacers that are specifically designed for your vehicle model, to ensure a perfect fit.

Consider the intended use of your vehicle

The intended use of your vehicle should also be taken into account when choosing. If you use your vehicle primarily for recreation, you can choose them wider for a more aggressive appearance.

Models available at 50 Factory

There are different models of expanders, each with different attachment systems:

– wideners with stud extension. Simply screw these extenders onto the original studs, then slip on the expander. Finally, the rim and the final tightening of the studs with the original nuts.

For technical and aesthetic reasons so that the wheels reach the edge of the fenders or to have better road holding. This changes the offset (ET) of the rim.

– spacers with bolts: they have built-in bolts allowing the spacer to be fixed both on the star and on the wheel.

– spacers with single bolts: they have bolts that are longer than the original one and adapted to the width of the spacer.

– spacers with double bolts: these spacers have large tracks and bolts allowing the spacer to be fixed both to the hub and to the wheel.

The variety and quality of models available

At 50 Factory, we are proud to offer a wide range of wheel spacers for a variety of vehicle models. Our track spacers are manufactured to the highest quality standards to provide reliable performance and long life.

Materials choice

There are different materials:

- The pHD : High density polyethylene. It is a very resistant material and lighter than aluminum. Recommended for quads cross or sports.

- Aluminum: it is the strongest material. There are several thicknesses of expanders: There are several thicknesses of expanders depending on the manufacturers:

- 25mm: exclusively at Moose Racing, in machined aluminum with integrated studs

- 30mm: at Art Racing, in machined aluminum with integrated studs

- 35mm: at XRW, in aluminium: product dedicated to SSV

- 38mm: exclusively at Moose Racing, in machined aluminum with integrated studs

- 45mm: in PHD or ALU with aluminum extensions cut from the mass with integrated studs at Quad ATVRacing

Measure the center distances

The center distance is the distance between the opposite holes intended to accommodate the nuts on a rim. It is imperative to respect this characteristic when changing rims or installing track spacers. The center distance is always accompanied by the number of holes in the rim parameters.

For more information, we invite you to consult the dedicated page by clicking You can consult it by clicking here.

How to install these accessories

Installation steps

Installing track spacers is a relatively simple process that can be done with basic tools. Be sure to read and follow the instructions provided with your wheel spacers to ensure safe and correct installation. Do not hesitate to consult our tutorial: Install track wideners

Safety standards to be respected during use

It is important to follow certain safety standards when using track spacers. Regularly check the tightness of the expanders, car they can become loose over time. Additionally, take the time to get used to your vehicle's new handling after installing the wheel spacers, before driving at high speeds or in difficult conditions.

The impact on technical control

Expander and technical inspection: what you need to know

In France, the use of track wideners may have an impact on the result of the technical inspection of your vehicle. Indeed, any significant change in the track width of your vehicle may be considered a significant modification, which must be approved byar the technical inspection body.

Conclusion: A useful and aesthetic accessory

Wheel spacers are accessories that, when properly used and installed correctly, can improve the stability, handling and appearance of your vehicle. If you are looking for quality track spacers for your quad, do not hesitate to consult our range on the 50 website Factory.